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Fiverr Punishing For No Reason

How do you sell more than 3 Gigs On Fiverr? I was just wondering.

I’m no Fiverr representative but I think that’s kinda probably certainly against TOS. You don’t contact anyone on Fiverr to sell anything except through the Buyers Request.


No i was contacting to buy

Doesn’t look that way from what you’re saying.

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i am a buyer and a seller.

  1. Huh? If you were contacting as a buyer to ask questions — to buy — that is not spam.

  2. If you were contacting — asking people to buy your gigs — then yes, it was spam.

If you did #1, your account shouldn’t be blocked. I’ve never had a seller report me for spam just because I ask them about their gigs. Totally confused. :confused:


Were you asking people to exchange reviews with you because the guy who gave you 3 reviews in the past 24 hours also has 3 reviews from you in the same period? If you asked me to do that, I would definitely report you.


It’s strange when we get these stories of people being unfairly punished when we don’t get the real story. Why bother even posting anything if you are not going to tell the truth about it. Fiverr staff does not read this and think oh we did punish this person unfairly since they are saying what happened on the forum. It’s such a waste of everyone’s time and yet it happens once a day at least.

Kevin you are lucky you didn’t get banned for review exchange, or from having multiple accounts. I know, you didn’t do it.


i was contacting as a buyer.

no he wanted a lot of different things,and i said i would deliver them at one time.

and he did the same for you? It just looks odd, that is all.

Buyers too are blocked for spam. If you send the same message to a lot of sellers, you will be marked as spam. Had a couple of people that sent me messages asking about my gig that fiverr marked as spam.

However, I don’t think that is what happened in this case. I’m inclined to think there are things left untold by the OP

yes, we both needed a product. it may look that way, but whenever i get some good wifi i will contact support.

You both needed a product? Can you kindly elaborate.

your wifi won’t let you contact support but it will let you post in the forum??

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Yeah There Is A problem with some sites.

It’s interesting isn’t it that two sellers providing graphic design services are buying from each other. Of course I’m sure there is nothing suspect going on here. Anyone buying reviews would never be silly enough to post on the forum and draw attention to what they are doing. Would they?


fiverr support and fiverr forum are all under one roof/site. how can your wifi tell the difference? something about all of this doesn’t add up.

They do it all the time.


And to add to all of the strangeness of this situation, the OP has changed to something completely unrelated to the original post. Yep, that is the best way to ensure everyone believes you were punished for “No Reason”

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