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Fiverr put our gigs from first page to last page of search and hide the "impression, clicks,views" from us !and in the first page irrelevant gigs!

So I worked on fiverr for 2 years and made more than 100 orders and many positive reviews and suddenly no orders no messages no views since 21 days !
because when I wrote my title it’s on the last page and it was in the first page for more than 2 years and there’s no competition in my categories I means how many gigs about " promoting art on page Instagram " now on the first page gig inrelated to the search like :
Feature photography, create best tinder profile for you ,YouTube intro, design movie poster
All on the first lines + all those gigs have less reviews or none ! I means why ?? Is fiverr given a chance to new seller and panish loyal sellers ?
MY best selling gig url
****************. if you serch by title feature art on instagram you will find it on page 9 last page

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Yes, I noticed that “sort by relevance” doesn’t bring up relevant gigs. Algorithm still broken, looks like …


Same problem I facing last 2 and half month. :weary: :sweat: :tired_face: :sob: :sob: :sob:


I’m at seller level 1 & facing the same problem, I couldn’t get orders from new buyers and my regular buyers sometimes give me the job. Otherwise its all closed! I don’t know why its happening, And How long will it take to resolve.


While I agree that the Relevant tab just has gigs without any relevance, the algorithm is constantly shifting gigs from the first to last page because there was an influx of new gigs due to the virus. Even in my Articles and Blog posts category there were 20-22k gigs at the beginning of the year, now they are 40k. I mean… the algorithm needs to try and give everyone the spotlight, so the best sellers shown in that section are not best sellers anymore.

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Same issue i am facing from the last 45 days, I was on the page page of 4 searching tags from the last 4 months, but suddenly my gig goes from page one to the last page. Now no new client. Even my clicks and impressions are not showing. Fiverr should not play with our career. In this way we are not secure in Fiverr.


fiverr don’t want to understand :frowning:

fiverr don’t want to understand :frowning: our carriers not secured in fiverr


wait there s a virus ???

I FEEL SO INSAfe on fiverr

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Coronavirus…that’s what I was talking about

I m also facing the same issue it’s been 35 days I am not getting any message for NEW BUYERS. Some works from my repeat buyers. Now I am worried too, is this going to solve or continue like this?

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This is not a problem that needs to be solved. Due to the coronavirus, a lot of people came to Fiverr and created gigs. You will find double or triple the normal amount of gigs that were at the beginning of 2020. The algorithm tries to offer everyone time on the first page to acquire customers. So… it’s no problem, everything is working normally, we are just a victim of being too many gigs out there…


I am also facing this problem from many days. But we do not have right information about this.

I am new to Fiverr. So I think I have a great chance to improve my profile ranking. Am I right?

I am not agree with your point. Yes may be you are right there are many new sellers are come due to coronavirus. But I don’t understand this logic that suddenly one gig go from page 1 to the last page. normally gig ranking change time by time page 1 gig go to page 2.
There is definitely a major problem one gig (level 2) go from page 1 to the last page.

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I have almost 8k reviews on my gig and I am still on the last page or nowhere to be found. Same with most competitors as far as I saw, aside from a few ones, which will eventually go there.

It’s all due to the algorithm, it pushes gigs back so others can have the forefront and get orders. That’s all there is to it. Eventually you will get back, then you will be pushed back again and so on. It already happened to me 4 times. Right now all my gigs are in the back. Also, it’s the entire account, not only a gig

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Exactly all my gigs are in the back also entire account. Let’s see how much time it will take to get ranking back.

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on 15 june 1 got leval 1 badge, and few days later my all gig including top ranked best selling gig Disappeared from search, now only reguler clients give me orders some times… wait is on :disappointed_relieved:

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I have faced the same issue, but keep sending the buyer requests