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Fiverr put our gigs from first page to last page of search and hide the "impression, clicks,views" from us !and in the first page irrelevant gigs!

Problem will be solved by fiverr. Mine is solved.

Hi, did you have any solution?
Thank you

after how many days your issue solved by fiverr, did you edit your gigs or somthing else??

Same here! All my gigs were on the first page until some days ago. Now they are on the last pages and impossible to find by new clients.

Nothing is impossible. If you aren’t gaining the kind of buyer interest that you want from the Fiverr search system, then, perhaps it is time that you start marketing and promoting your gigs on your own – to the target customers who need what you have to offer. Research your customers, understand their needs, and convince them to hire you. It is never wise to expect the automated Fiverr search system to provide you with all of your orders.

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I am facing from the last 45 days, when your problem is solved?

Mine is solved after 2 months almost! But I have start to work sincerely on buyer request. Do you best with buyer request. If they give you response and give you order your gig will come back to rank. Than you will be getting orders from new clients.
There is another clue to check is the bug in there or not. Ask some friend to contact you on the Fiverr If they do not face any error in contacting you than you should go with buyer request method.
Thank you!

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And also try to promote yourself on different plate forms. Share your gigs.

Am also experiencing same problem for the past 3months now… when i message fiverr about ti the reply will be “your gig are active”… Please is there any solution to this??..

Why would there need to be a solution, if your gigs are active in the search results?

Sellers have no control over there their gigs show up in the search results, nor does anyone deserve a specific placement just because they want it. The search system is controlled by a dynamic algorithm that determines how gigs show up, and which gigs should show up where. That’s how Fiverr works.

Meaning i will have to wait till the algorithm takes me back to first page… cause since have been taking back to the 10th page for the past 3 months, am yet to recieve a direct message or order… just order from regular client… and have edited all my gigs and search tags… the thing there is that it affects all my gigs

There are no guarantees that seller gigs will appear on the first page. Your gig(s) will appear wherever the algorithm places them – even if that means they remain on the 10th page.

If you are not receiving the kind of buyer response on Fiverr that you would like, perhaps now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your gigs on your own. Have you don’t anything to research your target customers, understand their needs and wants, and show them that you are the right person to solve those needs?

@jonbaas - the op has a point. I just got another custom order request for design on a gig where no design is offered. I have two gigs that show up only when “design” is searched that don’t offer any kind of design.

The algorithm is still broken …

Thanks jonbass!

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Same issue faced by me… No new orders from last 30 days and impressions are zero… Gig also not found on category… Customer Support not responding… I’m Level Two seller on fiverrr…

For the first time in 8 years in Fiverr I have zero orders in queue. My gigs were moved to last page too about a year ago, and orders have slowly dropped and dropped until zero today.

It’s very disheartening, and it might be time to stop selling here and move elsewhere.


most of seller are complaining but fiverr don’t take it seriously

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Same issue here. My stats on my gigs have been nearly 0 for the last month. I used to have decent stats, although not great, they got me an order every two weeks or so. Now, nothing.:confused:
Guess I have to wait for the algorithm to remember me again😂

How do you know they aren’t taking things seriously? Have they told you that they don’t care? Please don’t make assumptions. As a business, and one traded on the stock market, I think Fiverr cares a great deal about their site, functionality, and it’s revenue potential. Just because things aren’t going the way you want them to, does not mean that Fiverr isn’t taking things seriously.


Yes same happened to me…
Relevance tabs only have new seller and best selling contains totally new gigs…
Fiverr support is not understanding the issue and keep on saying wo cannot do anything for placement of gigs. I don’t understand who can solve this.