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Fiverr Quacks - convince me otherwise [**Mod Note:** Word replaced with more interesting version.]

I ordered 8 hours of market research on a topic from a user called ******** (incidentally, who now seems to have dissapeared).

I needed the research done within 24 hours. The reason for this was that I needed some data to put behind a presentation, to be done the next day.

8 hours intensive research on a specific topic was agreed, a price set and a deadline agreed.

The research was of awful quality. I could produce similar quality work in about 5 minutes. I would be unsurprised to find a young child with a limited grasp of English had done the work. It was so awful I can only assume the gig was taken in bad faith.

The research was delivered just after I had delivered the presentation, hours beyond the deadline.

I would never use fiverr for anything remotely serious again. I would advise everyone I meet that fiverr is a waste of time and money. Convince me otherwise.


One bad user experience=>all of Fiverr sucks seems like a bit of an overgeneralization. But I guess that’s beside the point.

Nah, you seem like you’ve made up your mind. If you’ve had a bad experience with Fiverr and don’t want to use it again, that’s perfectly fine. I’m sure there are plenty of other platforms that will fit your needs more. Good luck! :slight_smile:


You have denounced the integrity of an entire freelancing platform based on your unfavourable experience with one of its Sellers. This is a rational, sensible thing to do.

Take care.


And you trusted someone you’ve never worked with before, on an anonymous platform, to do important work with a tight deadline?


You should vet your sellers a bit better.

If I had a presentation in under 24 hours riding on it I’d try to find the most reliable and probably a bit more expensive seller.

There are red flags when contacting someone.

I’m sure you caught them before the seller failed to deliver.


If you would ask help with improving your vetting process then I might provide you some tips, but this is a clickbait post to get attention.



No point. I had a lousy cab ride once, ergo all taxi drivers are terrible.


Yeah… Maybe you should just try somewhere else.

There are many sellers who has very good experience. but unfortunately few unprofessional sellers too.

As a Buyer if you want to order anything

  1. Please try to find gigs with Very high rating.
  2. at least 200-300 orders complete with 5 stars rating gigs.
  3. don’t try with new sellers if you don’t have much time for revisions.
  4. always take care about work you want and the gig price they offer. Think that actually they can do it with that price or not. because new sellers will offer very low price ( some high ratings also offer cheap price)
  5. First contact the seller before place any order and let them know about project and ask that they can do it or not and what’s there time line. as a seller i know that many buyers simply place orders with wrong gig or without reading gig descriptions. you will need to make sure that your seller able to work with you or not.

I know that you can not just do all above things. but simply send messages to few sellers and try to place an order with most experience seller. I know some biggest agencies using Fiverr to get work for there clients. Don’t leave fiverr. it is really valuable place for the cheap money. but you need to expend bit more time to finding a good seller if you are new buyer.

where every you go, I guess same thing will happen. I mean all over the online market places run by
same group of freelancers.

Thank you

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Oh I’m Mistake…

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For really serious projects you shouldn’t go the cheap route anyway.

For what? Just take it or leave it.

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Disappeared how? They happen to live next door and gone missing? Not replying? Account gone? In the last case, they most probably got banned for not living up to Fiverr’s standards in the one or other way. If you didn´t get what was agreed on, ask for a refund and move on.
But read the ToS you accepted when registering before you ask for a refund so your next post won´t be how Fiverr sucks because your refund went to your Fiverr balance and not your payment source.

We have people coming back to order all the time and sending us their friends because Fiverr doesn´t suck but gets them great work done for a good price, we don’t need to convince anyone that Fiverr doesn’t suck.

In case you don’t want to be convinced but just rant, that’s okay, though. We get you. We rant too. Life’s hard.

Tell me about it.
Tried to have an app … Some allegedly pro developers have less experience and knowledge than me, and I I am not an IT guy.

Considering fiverr… Maybe for real fiver but not more.


If you paid any less that $200 for this then you really should have expected as much as you got.
Unfortunately having seen many rant-flounces on the forum, 99% come back to unrealistic expectations for a ludicrously low budget. These stem from people falling into the trap of thinking Fiverr is a mythical wonderland where the sellers can survive on little to no money yet produce top quality work.
It’s not.
It is a marketplace where you can hire freelancers to do things. If you want professional service then you pay a reasonable price.
If you think you have found an unbelievable bargain then you need to do some due diligence in order to ensure it is not the online equivalent of a guy selling Rolexes from his jacket.


Yep. And the saddest part is, some people will never get their head around the fact that Fiverr is already the cheapest place to get what they need. - Even when sellers charge what some might consider premium prices.


Thanks for the repsonse.

I have returned to fiverr for a task that is less time sensitive. Let’s hope the second task is delivered better than the first.

If an employee in any organisation produced a similar standard of work then that employee would not be trusted to deliver again based on the quality of delivery I have experienced. This was despite positive review on the site.

A rational sensible thing to do would be to try and benchmark a platoforms review function based on what little corroborative evidence available. Fiverr was found wanting in this regard.

I agree this was a mistake. If you could point to a source of quality freelance resources with better output I would be keen to hear.

Thank you.

This seems like good advice for anyone looking to use the platform.

Fiverr Pro sellers are pre-vetted.

Here are the Pros in the “Research” area.