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Fiverr quality reform

In your opinion, wouldn’t it be cool if the fiverr team chose the prices of our packages based on the quality of our gigs?
In this way the customer will always be satisfied considering their budget and truly professional sellers would get more visibility…


I personally don’t think its cool !
Being freelancer I choose my time frame and price, I am boss of my own so why would I allow someone else to choose price for my work ?

They are already giving levels to seller from few criteria and manually choose Top rated sellers and I think that enough for buyers to choose right seller !

Also I don’t think its possible for fiverr team to check each of the gigs and give them price tag, It doesn’t sound so practice, Thousands of new gigs are being added regularly and fiverr don’t have that much manpower !


This sounds something like that when you sell something in your country, the government will decide to set the prices and leave you cornered…

conclusion: it doesn’t work!

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Wow, what a great idea, losing pricing control and start being an employee in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Just the fact that you even think that is an idea worth entertaining paints you as a very low quality seller. You actively want Fiverr to decide how much you are worth. Laughable.


2021: every opinion is judged as laughable, better to be silent

Ironic that somebody who’s name implies choice would want to limit choice and freedom of sellers. I don’t even know where to start with this idea.

  • First of all fiverr would have to employ hundreds if not thousands of people to manually review every single gig and delivered project and rate it.
  • Value and quality are completely subjective things for many situations and services.
  • Buyers would become frustrated at fiverr if they feel the work is not up to standard
  • Professional sellers wouldn’t get more visibility because most would immediately leave the site and find another place to sell.

The great part of fiverr is that it is a vast and flexible marketplace. People can sell a wide range of services at varying levels of quality, price and ability. I don’t see any benefits to removing this freedom


I can’t believe you really started attacking me based on my profile name

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They could advise on pricing and the seller could decide whether they wanted to go with the suggested prices or not.

Though it seems like that’s something that happens with Seller Plus:

From the Seller Plus page link:

Enhance your Gig’s visibility, with expert advice on the right keywords and pricing

Though you have to pay a monthly fee for seller plus and it’s not open to everyone.


Yes, it would be fair if maybe they could recommend prices for our gigs, without having to be forced to accept them as others in this topic are discussing.