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Hey I had a question/story, I had been working on fivver for less then a week, business was great I was getting rave reviews and then I crashed into a fence with my car swerving out of the way to avoid hitting someone coming straight at me (they were drunk obviously and decided to flee I’m assuming I was in the ambulance by the time I woke up they weren’t on the report), while there was minimal damage to the car I was left unconscious (barely conscious in and out of it) in a hospital bed. Now I work on fivver as a psychic and while I was still adjusting when I got out when I did finally get home and I woke up after finally being allowed to sleep after various scans I went on fivver explained the situation to my clients 90% which decided that they would love to reorder because they had cancelled their orders, the rest didn’t respond. There really isn’t an option on fiverr to dispute a claim, it’s unfortunate, that the same people that have given me negative reviews because I couldn’t respond at that time because I was unconscious had to re order in order to get my percentage back up to where it was at but negative reviews seem to do much more damage then a good review impacts the percentage. My 100% standing which I worked so hard for is now at 69% which was below 45% due to three days of canceled orders from the hospital and the day after which I had to revisit the hospital because I had bleeding from my ears and constant nausea, I had basically a concussion and it was serious or I would have been online doing my orders. I just hate looking at the percentage while I do love watching it go up and working on fivver, I feel terrible because due to this accident it’s pretty much brought my business to a stand still. Is there anything that I can do to fix the orders that said seller never responded ect. etc. when they left bad review. I mean had I been conscious I thought I could ask my husband to log on but that would breached customer confidentiality as far as I’m aware I don’t know of a number my husband could have called. I deleted most of my old gigs and decided to start over in hopes that a new approach would change some views about me. All my clients that I messaged with my situation were more then willing to wait, and I’ve had multiple things standing in my way since then, I can’t put a medical leave on my gig or anything. I’m working now via fivver but it’s tough, because of one situation my percentage was destroyed over the course of 3 days, and now all my gigs are at 7 days min just to make sure if something like this happens I do have time to respond. How does fivver handle this situation. I had not one complaint and I worked so hard to get the reputation to stay at 100% all of my cancellations on the clients part aside from one spam order were due to the accident and I’m recovering from it, I just don’t know what to do in this situation. Do I work from the ground up after all this time? Do I just give up on fiverr? What should I do at this point?


*fix my orders where it says the buyer never responded to the order


First, I’m glad your okay! I’m not sure how Fiverr handles this, but I do have 2 suggestions. One, you can submit a support ticket asking for help. And secondly, you could create a new account (start from the ground up). I would try submitting a support ticket first though, and rest until you’re all better. Best of luck!


Hi Kate,

I would scan my medical documents that could prove when I was in the hospital and why I was in the hospital… but this is something I’m comfortable with and you may not be. I would then send it to Customer Support to say that it was why I could not fill orders out at that time and request that any negative feedback from that time period be removed. Explain that the negative feedback for late orders is hurting your current business and you are deeply apologetic for any inconvenience it has cause Fiverr.

It may work, it may not, but in my experience, Fiverr has been helpful in times like these. I went into labor and took myself to the hospital only to hear that I will be in surgery in 2 hours… I had 30 orders in que, all due within 3 days. I knew I would be in the hospital, drugged up, with a newborn baby, and tarot-less. I was literally being prepped for surgery and sending out PM’s to explain what had happened, while also speaking with Customer Support.

At the end, I had a few people tell me that I was lying about being in labor and cancelled their orders, which generated negative feedback. Customer Support knew of my situation and removed ALL of them.

So, worth a shot for you. Hope that’s helped.

-Panda Lady