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Fiverr raised price of my Gig from $10 to $25 - Why?

Hi Fiverr people.

Can anyone more experienced than me throw some light on this? Today I found that the price of my ‘Explainer’ Voice Over Gig, in some search results but not all, had been raised by Fiverr themselves (nothing to do with me) from $10 to $25.

I really wasn’t expecting this and am scratching my head. Alongside the raised price my Gig now says in a green box ‘Customized for you’.

Is this a good thing, that they think the Gig is worth more than it was being sold for? Or is a bad thing somehow.

I have NO idea…

If you know please tell me!


Both of your gigs price starts at $10 for me. Check the screenshot

I think Fiverr’s search system offers customized gigs based on customer personal preference.

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Hi @ukbritishvoice,

Could you please be so kind to post a screenshot of both, the raised price and where it shows the green box with ‘Customized for you’?

I checked both of your gigs again. Base price of 500 words voice over is $10 but when the number of words increases to 1200 purchase price of your gig increases to $25.

I think its a way Fiverr presenting gigs to prospective customers who are searching for longer voiceover.

Here are the two greatly different prices. I don’t know if this is a vote of confidence by Five

rr because all 6 reviews so far have been 5-star. I wish I knew the thinking.

It’s exactly the same number of words - 500. No difference. Or at least not in that particular search result.

See the two photos I uploaded below. The second one, with the increased price, shows the green box with ‘Customized for you’

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Thanks for sharing the images. I never experienced this. I hope fiverr seller support can find out the actual issue. If you receive any response from fiverr support on this issue please share the response.

I will. I’m hoping it’s actually a good thing, rather than a bad thing. That they have some kind of confidence in me, perhaps that I could be worth the bigger price. But who knows. Let me try and contact them, but they are always too busy at the moment.

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Thanks for the screeshots, @ukbritishvoice

Yes, it’s the best thing to do, even if you have to wait for their reply. It’s taking them longer than usual due to the corona situation.

You certainly need to know what exactly the price of your gig is.

By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, how are you doing right now when sending custom offers? Are you charging based on your original price?

I have had 6 jobs. All except one I think were Buyer’s Request and the demand was to do most of those jobs at a far cheaper price than I wanted. Or to include far more words than was included in the voiceover Gig. I need 5 star reviews so i did the jobs. Now I have the 6 5-star reviews but still no-one buys the Gigs except through Buyers Requests, which means I end up doing it cheaper than I want, with a couple of exceptions. But i don’t really know what else I could do…

What’s your experience. Any tips?

Just keep strong and don’t be discouraged. You’re in a competitive niche and you’re also fairly new, so you’ll need some time to work your way up. We all have gone through that phase, but it doesn’t last that long.

I don’t know if you are sending your offers at whatever price BR shows or at yours. But, if it were at BR’s rate, analyse if it could be worth sending it your rates. That’s what I would do if I were you.

Sadly, my experience would be of little help to you, since what I offer is translation and proofreading - a totally different category and a totally different type of customer.

We’re an ocean apart, and not only geographically.

I don’t have the confidence or experience yet to insist on my original price, which would be more than what the Buyer wants to pay most of the time. But I will get there. This psychology of pricing is very interesting isn’t it, and I agree that sometimes going low is not the way forward. I will choose my moment. It’s interesting that the ‘Customized for you’ has never happened to you. I don’t know what that means. Anyway, good luck, and keep on selling, and reaping the 5-star reviews!

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When you’re ready, you will know.

Don’t force yourself into doing things you don’t really feel comfortable with. In any case, remember that once you raise your prices, you can always set them back if they don’t work as you expected.

Thank you! For you, too, the best of luck and plenty 5* reviews!! :wink:

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