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Fiverr ranking problem this month

Lately my top ranking gig is not on the first page. The thing is that the gig is with 900+ feedback and is not even on the first Best selling page. Fiverr algorithm?

Any thoughts?

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My thoughts are that I hope you made the most of the exposure you got, worked to ensure the clients you gained became recurring clients and that you can continue with those while someone else gets a turn on top spot.

(edited cos my phone decided to hijack my proofreading career)


Its been the same for me for the past 2 months. Been getting orders only from my past clients during these period.

Last time i did a job 2 months ago was for someone who ordered a job and gave me a non english file to work on which I did not advertise i can do. So we sorted out and he gave an alternate task for that order. Maybe he rated me that I didn’t fulfill the order obligations in the closed feedback section. Ever since that day that gig was no where to be see in the category page.

Before that it was on mid 1st page and as of today I have attracted only 115 impressions for the past 7 days.

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I agree with eoinfinnegan. I have not looked at where I am listed in the Fiverr search for a while. I did develop some gigs that can have a high customer retention rate. My podcast gig clients order almost every week and tend to stay for 18 months or more. I can afford to spend money or time connecting with new customers because the return on my investment is good. Fiverr does rotate everyone on the front page. This will help all the sellers. Most categories have thousands of sellers so it not practical to do it any other way. Nice thing about Fiverr is that I don’t pay for that exposure until I get a sale. (the 20%)

Make sure you are offering items that are capable of building long term customers. Washing detergent naturally has repeat customers. People need more washing detergent every month. Logo design might not be as repeatable. Same as divorce attorneys. Unless the customer has trouble figuring out what they are trying to do. :slight_smile:

If a client has ordered from you, it is much easier for them to use you in the future than it is to start with a new provider. Just really do a good job and have a really easy process for the customer.


Like @landongrace I almost never check to see where I am listed on the Fiverr search. I have learned from a thread I read on the Forum that where your gig appears in the search varies depending on who is doing the search. In one thread a few of us looked at each other’s gig in the Fiverr search and we each found them on different pages.

Furthermore, it has always mystified me how any seller can expect their gigs to stay on the first few pages when there are thousands of sellers who have more than a thousand of 5 :star: feedbacks. Fiverr chooses to give everyone a place in the :sun_with_face: for a time.

What? How does that even happen?

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Bad autocorrect and fat fingers

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So, only your proofreading on your phone. That explains a lot.

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Still strange rankings and search results. What about you?