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Fiverr ranking system cares less about its hard working sellers

I am an appalled seller by the way. Just over two months ago I was doing very well as a seller in Fiverr. I had loads of gigs earning me very reasonable money. But I guess that is how far the good stories can go here in Fiverr.
I noticed decline in my gig ranking and immediately I contacted the support team to get an explanation as to why my gig ranking was falling fast despite maintaining positive ratings and number of orders. I submitted three long messages demanding an explanation as to why things were turning raw on me. They managed to give quite a shallow answer that not only scored highly in failing to answer my question but also raised more questions. Now over two months later, my gig has disappeared in the ranking. Only managed to trace it the other week on the fifth page.
Now the big question is, what kind of system would prefer to rank someone with no rating way above someone with more than 150 positive reviews with an average of 4.8 rating?
I wish Fiverr would for once learn to appreciate its sellers. This trend of Fiverr caring very little if not at all about the welfare of its sellers is growing into a threat. They should realize that we work very hard as sellers to get high ratings and ranking and when we genuinely get there they benefit too.


@sheltonochieng Thank you for sharing your experience and I am sorry to hear that. As a new seller, I do hope to reach your rating and review level as that is a big accomplishment. I the same time I can understand how frustrating this can be to lose your ranking. Do you have consistent buyers to sustain some sort of revenue? Do you do marketing outside of Fiverr for your gig?

Again I am new so forgive me for any silly questions - I want to better understand the platform and see if I can offer suggestions to improve your ranking without you needing to do too much extra work.

Thanks again for the post. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your post.

I too don’t see my gig on the first page although I am a new seller having 5 reviews with 5 stars. My gig was on the first page of the search engine at the earlier stages but now it’s struggling. Feeling so bad.

Okay, I have a few return clients who have helped me sustain my revenue but I believe it’s not a long lasting sustainance to depend on return clients. Its true, I have not done very much in promoting my gig outside Fiverr, mostly because I am not very good in social media marketing.
I have been trying to bid the buyer requests but clearly those posts rarely translate into orders.

I know what you mean. I am waiting until I have a few more reviews (5 currently) and then I will start sharing on Fb and instagram. There are some great YouTube channels and blogs about social media marketing and how it can work for individual job markets. I’m not sure what your niche is (sorry I haven’t reviewed it yet!) but I’m sure there will be something out there for you. I’ll take a look at your profile/gigs and see if I can recommend some specifics for you shortly :wink:

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My gig is on the 20th page lol. Some reason I still get work all the time though.

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That’s the first rule we all have to learn working in this platform.
No matter how good you are, you can’t rely on Fiverr to show you on the top results.

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Okay, I took a look at your gigs and first off - what great products and services you offer… a real one stop shop!

Since you have quite a few markets you are involved in, I actually found a Fiverr article that has a lot of great ideas:

100 Start Up Marketing Strategies

This should give you some ideas starting at around tip 74 since you are already established. I would also recommend maybe investing or learning about SEO strategies you don’t have to rely on Fiverr’s featuring standards as much.

I hope this helps!


Okay, thank you very much. I will take time to go through the tips. I will also try to learn about social media marketing. I have to change with the need I guess.

Hi! By the way, how do you check your ranking?
I’ve noticed the same thing over the past two weeks, and checked manually and can’t find my gigs on the first 5-10 pages in my categories. I was getting 4-8 queries per day, and for the past two weeks I’ve only only been getting work from repeat clients. :frowning:

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Well, Fiverr has various ways of ranking individual performance. The first one is the average ratings you get from buyers reviews. Then there is the gigs clicks count, gig views count and impressions.
However, the system lacks credibility.
The most important ranking is appearing high up on the list of recommended sellers under your categories. This is because it is the default filter for ranking in the website and buyers mostly use the default ranking. That’s why when you were ranked high under this category you were getting new clients.
Now the problem is that there is no guarantee that you will continue to retain or improve your ranking, simply because there’s is no logic used. Today you can be number one and tomorrow you can be in the last page. The many times I have inquired from support team, they say the system rotates the ranks. Which to be honest makes no sense since I believe people should always be rewarded by the effort they put into something and results they have achieved in result to that.

Wow. That’s a grim picture… I mean, I think it’s enough to add new sellers to the top results, but rotating everyone?
While it may prevent older sellers to hog the top search results forever, seen that way it surely makes things unstable.

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