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I have up to 85 reviews on my gig with one 2.5/5 rank, three 4.5/5 stars rank and the rest are all on 5/5 stars.

How many “5 stars reviews” do I need to have back 5/5 stars in total, instead of that 4.9?

Thank you for responsiveness.

Best Regards to everyone

Logically speaking, you won’t be able to reach back 5/5 as it is percentage based. The only way you can see 5/5 is if Fiverr rounds up when you hit a 4.96/5 (where the 6 at the end of .96 doesn’t show). I hope this helps.

This 5-star rating system is terrible. I wish they would bring back the thumbs up / thumbs down system.

mystic_insight said: I have yet to see someone with 5/5 stars
Do you mean "someone with 5/5 stars" AFTER having gotten a less-than-5-star rating? Because there are many sellers with 100% rating with 5/5 stars/all thumb's up ratings. I don't know if any of them ever had a less than 100% review in the past that they overcame, though.