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Fiverr Ranking Unrelated Gigs In About Us Page subcategory

I’m bringing this to whom it may concern to suggest what might be going wrong. My major job is in the web content writing subcategory, but recently I’ve been experiencing low orders and it boils down to the ranking system. For example, About Us Page category has been disorganized in the last couple of months. The issue is that Fiverr keep ranking unrelated gigs in this category, while leaving relevant and related gigs to struggle for orders. To confirm just search About Us Page and see the results for yourself. I don’t know if this is a bug or something, but I think something is not right.


Probably because the Fiverr’s search can’t do an “and” search. You could contact them and ask them to implement an “and” search so it works better and finds the most relevant gigs/puts the most relevant at the top of the list.

eg. searching for “about us page” even in quotes ignores the quotes and finds any of those words in the gig title or gig description (eg. a gig description might say " to write about x" and it would return that in the top results).

In addition to what @uk1000 said, many of those gigs do offer About Us pages, either as an extra, or listed as a part of the package (you wouldn’t guess it from the gig title, but once you click on the gig and read it, there it is).


Thanks for your contribution. Before this post, I’ve researched to know why this is happening and I found out that most of these gigs do not offer “About Us Page” services. Most of them should be on website content and blog categories.

For example, if you search “Sales Copy”, you’ll find relevant listed, same as most gigs but “About Us Page” is different. I think buyers should be able to search and find relevant gigs that suits their needs without having to browse all the gigs to know which gig does what they’re looking for.

You can search these niches to understand what I’m talking about.
Sales Copy
Website Content
Article Writing
Products Description and many more.

It could be that I didn’t search thoroughly enough, so I got the wrong impression.

Then it’s the same problem as with video scripts (search for Video Script, and you’ll find all sorts of services, simply because “script” is mentioned somewhere in the description).

There are filters for most of those things already, but yes I agree there should be more filters for buyers to choose from.

I don’t think you can say this is why you are getting fewer orders. If that is what people want it is very easy for them to find it with a search query. Category pages are just one way to be discoverable and there are many variables in sales here.

To be honest, the entire search is useless. I don’t know how buyers find anything. Search for real estate videos and you get pages and pages of real estate logos. Search for article writing and you get "DA99 Guest Post" gigs which are really just a repackaging of banned :poop: backlink gigs.

In short, the search is a nightmare that it is best to avoid delving into unless you have lost a small child in there.