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Fiverr ranking with mobile app

Please does staying online with the mobile app helps one’s ranking on fiverr?

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I think yes. As per I see, it help me to remain active/online and remaining active will help you to rank.

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‘Stay online’ will not help. ‘Stay active’ depends on how you define the word ‘active’.


I leave myself logged in with the app every day, and as far as I can tell, it has not affected my rank one way or the other, nor has me being shown as online generated loads of new orders.

Things like being active on this forum and being logged in 24 hours a day helping people to rank their gigs and get orders ARE MYTHS.

What is the difference between staying online and staying active

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Nice question.
The answer is no but indirectly yes.

If you have mobile app of fiverr you can get a quick notification every activity of your account like new message, new order like that. So you can reply faster then manually.

It will increase your response time and activities. So indirectly it helps you a lot to increase your activity and have more chance to get order.

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