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Fiverr rates are sometimes weird?

Hey I am a level one seller, few days ago I completed an order. The total value was $45. However It was a custom offer of $25 and we agreed to add some features, so the $20 features + $25 initial value.

My problem is why am I only getting $20 payment for that order?

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You should get about $36 in total.
The amount for the extra (minus Fiverr’s 20%) should show up as a separate item in the earnings page I think (ie. it should be split into 2 earning items on the earnings page. One for the main order and one for the extra).


Hey, Yeah I was hoping something like $36. But it shows 'YOU EARNED $20" :crazy_face:

I was also curious about them showing in separately on earnings page. But how could you even recognize it. I mean when I have like 2, 3 $20 earnings, it’s confusing.

And also still not really sure if I got paid correctly :rofl: :joy:

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So one will be for $20 and the other will be for $16. They might be grouped together on the earnings page. Otherwise you might have to check a few eg. from around that time.

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Oh, good god! I just clicked that view order feature to track the actual order! Well everything is just fine! :innocent:

I got $16 and $20 for the same order I was talking about.
Thanks for hearing me out buddy!!! @uk1000

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Yeah!! Thanks I just checked since you said about earnings page. :star_struck:

Thanks friend!

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