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Fiverr rating drop, what to do next?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working very hard on my Fiverr profile and kept it at a 5.0 stars rating for over a year.
A week ago, due to a tragic family event, I didn’t notice an order come in and the buyer cancelled. Is there anything I can do about this? It dropped my rating to 4.6, and I’m not getting any more orders.
Is there anyone who experienced this? What should I do next?


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try to get 5-10 full ratings before 15th July…you’ll be at 4.8. and you’re level will not lose. But if you don’t able to achieve 4.8. You’re going to be DEMOTE at 15th July.

Hello Daniel, yes there is.

Could you let me know how many reviews you have got so far?

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If I get demoted, would I be able to get to level 1 again? :frowning:


On my profile I’ve got 37, but on that specific gig only 9.


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How many reviews/ratings you have got in last 2months?
Your last 2months rating will be counted.
If You have less than 4.8 ratings in last 2months, You will be demoted.
So try your best to improve your rating to 4.8 before 15 july.
My rating was also down to 4.7 because of a 3 start review. Today i have got 5 star rating . Now my ratings is 4.8. I am safe now :slight_smile:

Looks like your rating is 4.9 - which is easily recoverable. Market your gig and get some more 5 stars ratings and you’ll be good.:sunglasses:

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So, here it is:

Assuming that you would like to get your gig/profile rating back to 5 stars (which is impossible) all you could do is pumping up your gig rating to 4,96 stars (it might be rounded-up to 5 or rounded-down to 4,9).

If my calculation is not wrong, you will need to get 91 of 5 stars reviews to get your gig rating back to nearly 5 stars.

Based on your statement, I believe you depend solely on buyers from this platform. Since your gig rating dropped, I’m quite sure that your gig has been lowered down in the listing, which mean that buyers might not reach page where your gig is listed.

Optimizing your gig SEO and tags will help you, but it is not much. Remember, your gig rating and listing has dropped.

So for a moment, focus yourself on marketing your gig outside of Fiverr.


Use twitter.

Tweet between 3-5 PM (Pacific time) about your service. Use maximum 3 hashtags which related to your target market.

But please remember, make a good copy (which if someone read it, they know that your service is the answer for their problems) both in your tweet and gig description, so you will likely convert visitor to customer.

But don’t expect to much on this, just do it consistently. You’ll be surprised on how many clicks you will get by using this trick :):grin:

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Anyway, don’t be scared of DEMOTION. You could still get sales by doing gig marketing.

Good luck!


Thank you for your help! I’ll try to follow it as much as I can, I don’t have a Twitter account but I’ll give it a shot! :slight_smile:


I am very sorry to hear you had a family tragedy. I trust things are better now.

The first thing you should do is write a response to that buyer’s review. Explain your family tragedy and how it affected you’re not fulfilling the order. That way new buyers will know that you had a good reason for not delivering.

If all your stats are still in the green, you should be fine. It appears the 4.6 is only on that gig; however, it is total rating that counts. Your overall :star: score is 4.9, so you should be good in that area.

Yes, many people who were level two lost their rating all the way :arrow_heading_down: to level 0 and got back to level 2.


Thank you for the help and care! :slight_smile: