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Fiverr Rating is below what Level 1 asks! What to do?!

Hi there! I know that everytime someone posts something on forum on needs help, there is always someone who gives the correct answer! So I just wanted to know how the rating on Fiverr works! I have one simple question :

  • How many 5 stars review do I need to have in order to increase my general rating more then 4.8? Mine is actually 4.5 with 20 reviews in total, 1 without response, 1 with 2 star and 1 with 4.4 stars.

I don’t want to be demoted from Level 1 since I worked very hard! I need to know if I will be able to get as much orders as I can before September 15, 2018. At least to know if I can achieve them!

And also I would like to know what happens if you are demoted? Does Fiverr gives the oportunity to grow again to Level 1?

Thank you


There isn’t a simple answer to your simple question. Since the rating is based on statistics, it depends on how many total reviews you have. If you were brand new and only had 1 gig with a 5 star review, you’d have a 5.0. If you got one more order and you received a 1 star review, that would drop you in a major way because statistically 1 out of 2 of your reviews is awful. If you had 10,000 reviews at 5 stars and you got 5 1 star reviews, that wouldn’t impact you significantly. It’s a math issue.

Sure. As soon as all your statistics are in the “green” again you will hit the next level on the next evaluation day. That works for level 1 and level 2. Only TRS is different since Fiverr chooses those manually and not many people get it in the first place. Even fewer get it back if they lose it, though it can happen.


Well, you responded to my answer! Thank you for your time! I hope to hit Level 1 again in this case as I don’t think that I will get Level 1 or to be able to maintain it!

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But your profie says you are a Level one right now with a 4.8 which is acceptable to keep your level 1. :thinking:


I’m currently Level 1 but with the next evaluation I’m going to be demoted!!

Your total rating is 4.8. But, evaluation is based on last 60 days. So check all of your ratings, remove all ratings from last 60 days and how many 5 star ratings you have left, that is the number you need to get to maintain your status (because total is 4.8). It isn’t accurate as I can’t really see your full stats, but it is close enough.

Around ten 5 star orders more or less.


I just counted that I have 12 5 star review not including the 60 days that you told me!! What does that mean?! I don’t know how to calculate it!! I have only one review with 2 star, one with 4.4 on August. The rest not including July and August are with 5 stars. Please tell me

I didn’t do calculation I said roughly how much 5 stars you need to stay on your level. So on next evaluation (in little more then 2 weeks) you need to add around 12 5 star reviews and not getting anything else on it.


Then in this case I have already lost my ranking! Because until September 15, I don’t think I will get 12 orders with 5 star review, so demoted status is coming!! :open_mouth::neutral_face:

I checked @arty182925 math, and I believe he is correct. You need 12 5 :star: reviews in the next 16 days. I know this amount is difficult for new sellers and I am sorry. All you can do is provide your buyer with high quality work, so you do not get another 2-star review.


Ok then. Got it. Thanks anyway. Bye Level 1!!!