Fiverr Rating problem


Now I get 5 positive reviews from other sellers. But not up to my rating. It shows a 4.7. How much need positive review up to my rate? I get 1 negative review and down my rate. I got 5 positive reviews not up to my rate. How much need review get 4.8 rating? My all review 199.


I think you need about 19 positive ratings with 5 stars to keep 4.8.
19 reviews x 5 stars = 95 + 1 star =96
96 stars ÷ 20 reviews = 4.8


we are talking about reviews over a period of 60 days , not all time reviews


Woops… Yes, you are right. I forgot to factor that into my calculations lol. In that case, it is impossible for others to calculate it for you (unless we make a note of all your ratings and their dates).