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Fiverr rating scam - Beware of ...'s Gigs

Buyers beware of … gigs! I purchased a gig from him stating that he would design me 3 top notch logos with no revisions. The logo designs he sent back were extremely amateur and low quality. Not to mention they did not match the branding which totally eliminates the point. When I posted a review about my experience he immediately wanted to cancel the order so that he could keep his fake 100% positive rating! I denied it and he got Fiverr to cancel it and remove my review. What a let down! What is the point of having a review tab if it is not real? Beware of your purchases and make sure to do research ahead of time. Don’t think that a 100% positive rating means anything. … has a perfect rating because he won’t allow anyone to post a true negative review. :-q

Sheriff’s note: ‘Calling out’ is not permitted on the forum. Please address your issues with customer support and the seller in question

In most cases, unless you were sent a refund, you can re-write the negative rating that Fiverr removed. Assuming of course it was not a refund.

But, if you feel the rating is deserved, just message Fiverr and state your case. If it’s valid, they will put the review back.

But, I must encourage you, and everyone to only leave negative feedback as a last resort. Most times a problem can be resolved between the buyer and seller.

Thanks for the comment Madmoo. I have to say though, your rating system is a joke. How can a buyer truly trust the rating system buying a service sight unseen if the seller has 100% control of positive or negative reviews?