Fiverr rating system DECEPTIVE


If a seller does not even do the gig and the buyer wants to alert others by giving that person a bad rating, it won’t even get published. That is because in order to put a review the gig has to be completed. In addition, a seller with a bad rating can get rid of the bad rating by asking the buyer to cancel the order. I gave a bad rating to someone who claimed he completed the gig and then the seller asked me to decline and get a refund—the rating was then gone !!

The system is rigged.


You got your refund… Just try someone else with a proven track record. Be happy??


Yes, you get your money back, instead of getting to leave a bad review. If buyers want to leave a review, they have to actually “complete” the gig, otherwise the system pretty much treats the order like it didn’t exist. No services rendered or products delivered=no need to leave a review.

In many instances, this is the only way a seller can prevent a confused or unscrupulous buyer from leaving a false negative review. (I’m not saying that’s you, I’m just saying that most sellers feel that the Fiverr system is actually heavily rigged against sellers, and the inability for a buyer to get their money back AND leave a negative review is a small protection.)


You want it both ways. You want your money back and to leave a bad review while the seller gets nothing for his time.


I do understand what @earlydetectdoc (and other buyers) are getting at. If a seller is terrible at communicating, doesn’t complete work, delivers inferior junk, etc… that makes them deserving of negative feedback. It can certainly be the sellers fault that an order gets cancelled.

Look at it this way; there could be a seller who is so terrible that all of their orders had to be cancelled, and future buyers would have no warning not to waste their time in the first place.

I do believe Fiverr favors the buyer in general, and I don’t have any suggestions as to how to make the ratings/feedback system accurate and flawless, but let’s face it, just because a seller puts in time (assuming that they did on any particular cancelled order) it doesn’t mean that what they produced wasn’t garbage.