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Fiverr Rating System

You know we are puzzled. ~X(

It seems everything is based around the Rating system, of which I think is not well thought out. Now before anyone chimes in, Let me explain myself.

#1: I Operate this account for multiple Reasons, none of which are personal Profit or Gain. I not only will be matching funds earned but I will be giving pretty much whats earned to various charities my wife is passionate about, as myself, such as abused children, breast cancer, but primarily the ASPCA. I am a huge animal person, and in my case dog’s are my thing. I love everything about them.

#2: I have been on this site nearly a year as purely a buyer before we had the idea to do these sales in last couple weeks as additional fuel for our passions in helping others. Which we have done well we think, so far, with about 16 sales I think it is, in a weeks time. I have a guy that works for my station that monitors the account with me, along with my wife and son, which do some of the more templated Gig’s I design.

#3: (Reflecting #2) Our primary reason for being here beyond our own private motives of charity is because we are huge fans of the innovation behind fiverr and what it represents as a marketplace for the world. It’s just good stuff we think.

#4: We care about all the communities we are involved in, Fiverr is no different for us, if we are here we are going to try and be a good addition to the community and help it evolve while allowing us to earn for our interests. So we want to produce, quality and unique opportunity and value in our Gig’s to help empower the things we hold dear. We enjoy helping people and as Philanthropist before everything else it really rakes our backs how this rating system works.

Here’s an example. Our account had a 5.0 for every gig and a 100 overall score for every gig completed. Then we had a user rate 5.0/5.0/4.0 on a single gig, that effected the overall by an entire point, making it 99% over all, and it effected the Gig in question, by heaps as well, from 5.0 to 4.6.

And what is not right about that is, the quality of work was a 5.0, our support/communication was 5.0, then in the buy again or recommend the person put 4.0. We asked the user what we could do to improve that, because we insist on perfect ratings. It became clear that the Rating system was flawed as the user explained the reason they put a 4.0 They explained they gave us a 5 because what we provided was great, and that they gave us a 5.0 for communication because we handled everything swiftly and wonderfully, however they said that recommend and buy again is same thing so they went with a 4.0 because they are likely not to use the gig again, because its not something they really need, even though they were more than pleased with the results and got more than they even thought they would in the gig. So, we see this, we produced a gig for a fiverr client that provided great 5.0 work results and more than what was required, and communicated professionally and perfect getting perfect 5.0 scores, but since the person doesn’t have use for the particular gig function, the 4.0 rocked our entire account rating Gig and Over all score. And the 4.0 was a scoring by a user merely stating oh I dont have a reason to use this gig again or often, etc…

I’m sorry, we are very easy going people, that is a flawed system as we see it.

And obviously in a marketing place with a ton of people doing so many of the same things, ratings are everything, as a buyer selects their gig options. So because we did a great job and the user may not need more than 1 “house” lol my score gets effected in a negative way, making us look less than we are and the gig we provide. I am sure many of you get it. And the users get the flawed rating system too after a short communication. However, they refuse to change the rating because they feel, why should I change the 4.0, … I may not ever use the gig again again. So they are validated right there but the result of that rating to the seller, us in this case, is not validated, at all. There are a few rating services on yahoo and google that come to mind when I think about this.

When you are asked questions that involve rating they have securities in place for example if some did perfect work in case of a fiverr gig, and also perfect 5.0 perfect communication, the system wouldn’t allow the final rating to affect the actual score, the 4.0 would be displayed but the seller score wouldn’t be hindered because what matters is the seller produced a perfect 5.0 gig and perfect 5.0 customer service, why would the final category of buy again or recommend even matter, the first 2 ratings should be a direct reflection of the last and control the outcome, regardless of the final category scoring.

It’s just really bringing us down, it seems we are hostage to a rating system that is broken, one that wasn’t well thought out, and that just seem acceptable in an environment where rating are a core factor prior to purchase like with fiverr.

Anyway, this is our not so well thought out communication about the rating system we feel needs immediate revamping. Thanks.

Best Regards,


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I sympathize… no one likes this sort of hit to their gigs or account.

Unfortunately… two things:

1.) Fiverr does not care what your personal reasons are for working on this site. While it is certainly admirable that you donate your earnings to charity, that does not give your Fiverr account any priority in their marketplace or search rankings. An account is an account; we all follow the same Fiverr rules, levels, ranking standards, etc – no matter who we are, or what we do with our Fiverr earnings.

2.) With so few total sales so far it is an unfortunate fact that lower ratings this early in your seller career will have a bigger impact upon your overall score. As you gain more sales – and hopefully more positive reviews and strong ratings – the impact of a sub-5 rating will become less pronounced.

There is no unfairness in your experience thus far. It’s just a fact of doing business here on Fiverr, and being rated by buyers who purchase your gig service. Obviously, we all want 100% positive reviews and 100% ratings, but that’s not guaranteed. Some buyers will see your delivered work in ways that you do not – and that is, unfortunately for any seller – something you cannot fully control.

Just make sure you go above and beyond, do your best work, and work with the buyer to achieve his/her needs within the boundaries of the details/terms you establish in the gig description. As you gain more sales and strong ratings, your total score will recover.

I appreciate your opinions on the matter Jonbaas. Thanks for responding.

We have actually written to fiverr CS about it. In the specific case mentioned about the 5/5/4 rating causing such a dramatic change in score. Because the buyer even said, you did great had I known putting a 4 on maybe buy again would have done this etc etc, and contacted fiverr themselves saying the rating system seemed a bit odd to them as well. However, they also said that it seemed strained on them because the service and support was more than a 5 star experience, but the gig wasn’t something they needed more than once, and that they too felt the Rating system could use some investigating because the altered score doesn’t effect the work, and they don’t feel they should change it, but more-so bring it to fiverr’s attention as well. Maybe save everyone some grief down the road. Additionally, we don’t want, or require special service. As Philanthropist we give you special service and expect you to benefit, not return the favor to us. We don’t assume our work, we insist on it, and strive to match that result for those shopping with us through fiverr and helping us achieve our passion to help others. This post was about a flawed rating process pronouncing its self in an obvious way. As a 22 year Dev professional (Programming(14+ langs), AV (gen/Sp-fx/editing) and Telephony(corp scale) as my specialties, with a masters in comp sci and countless certifications, I pride myself on being positive, educating others and helping other above all things, we all share this planet, some are not as fortunate as I am, and if I can bring happiness and future to others in anyway, I will do so, my entire team will, very hard working men and women outside of fiverr as well. We were mere shoppers here, we decided to sell for our own causes, and promote what we are passionate about. We have given more than 16K in last quarter to org’s we value most, and over 27K this year, just us 8 men and women that care about others and will continue to do so. Fiverr is but a small part of that, primarily we are fans of fiverr’s marketplace innovation and my wife thought it good for me to offer services here as a means to help those that can’t afford services at my offices for example, so found a way to have it help us as well It’s a win-win we help those on fiverr with great services, and there purchases help us to help others that need the help so much as well.

Now, I mention in the Ratings issue not because ‘Only’ what happen in our case that was merely a ‘trigger’, but because it has issues that could use some attention, due to usage in an environment such as this. From a professional view, as well as a buyer and a seller.

Best Regards,


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I’m glad you are such a friendly and helpful person, with a great off-Fiverr resume. I’m impressed. Still, there is no flaw in your rating experience. You just don’t have enough ratings to offset the one 4 that you received. It’s a simple fact of mathematics. Like I noted, the more high ratings you gain, the less a 4 will effect your total score.

It’s also worth noting, your current account positive rating is 99%. That’s really nothing to worry about… or push so hard to try and change. :wink:

Just keep delivering great work, and your total score will easily rise from 99% to 100%.

I appreciate your communications on the topic jonbaas and forth-coming opinions in this regard, and continue to welcome it, regardless of it’s validity or competency in the matter. I am not sure of your profession. I couldn’t say at this point. As for now, I will assume you share the same level of technical experience in these areas as my self; based on the forthcoming responses to have delivered on what you feel you know is a proper or improper coding sheet and algorithm for a rating system directly connected to funds exchange and function… (sellers)

I am aware of the weighing cycle in the current rating system, and the rating slide that will occur over time, but a Rating system as important as used in this environment involving time and money, should not function on a sliding scale, that’s a bad thing from jump street, but more-so a planned controlled algorithm for its results at any stage, and that’s not the case here ‘clearly’. Imagine having a cell phone stop watch used for the US track meet. Works, but not the right choice of time tracking for the event or environment. It’s a professional and technical view of issue and based on your responses, its one that you do not share with us, which is totally fine, if from a position of profession untrained in a technical setting required for such conversation. However, I’d hate to think fiverr has inferior coders staffed on this magnitude of project and maintaining. Again, we mention this for more than the fact that it impacted our account but more-so the calc of its overall functionality. So regardless if they respond positively in review the ratings situation we brought to the CS or not, its more important than the rating system be mentioned in general.

Above all things I wish only that all are comfortable, fed and feeling well and have a great rest of the new coming week.

So to Jonbaas, those observing from the page views, and the forum mod’s, good evening/morning. I have a busy day coming, and it’s getting later than I wanted to wrap up this evening. So I’ll spend a few more minutes on other things and get back to this later.

Remember everyone, you only have one life, please live it well, do go for those things which make you the happiest and while doing so remember; we share this earth with everyone else and if they aren’t doing well, it’s up to you to ‘help’ make a difference. Helping isn’t a choice, is an obligation, being blind to that is a social spur in your heart and eye’s, numbing and blinding you.

Take great care. Call on us at MichellTech for anything, anytime, gig or no gig.

We are here for the earth and all who inhabit it.

Best Regards,


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Reply to @michelltech:

I’m not sure why you continue to debate this topic – your particular experience is nothing more than simple mathematics. The more positive reviews and strong ratings you earn, the less devastating one negative review or one sub-5 rating will be.

I’m also not sure what you were trying to say in your post. It was not all that clearly expressed. And somewhat confusing as well. Were you calling me out, and saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about? Or was this just you being upset at not receiving an agreeable response from me?

As to my profession(s), they are clearly listed on my profile page. I am a professional actor, artist, entrepreneur, and thriving small business owner.

I apologize if my responses are not to your liking, but I can assure you, as a successful businessman and Fiverr seller, I do know what I am talking about. And I participate on these Fiverr forums in an effort to share what I know, and help other fellow sellers improve their own gig success as well.

I think the OP is right in his analysis. To add weight to a question asking if a buyer would buy a Gig again should carry very little or no weight at all. Many Gigs are “one off” and the buyer might have no reason to purchase it again. The question should not even be asked. Sure, it’s fine to ask if the buyer would recommend it.

I’m not sure what you are going on about, my debate is on going because its an issue I bring Jonbaas, get it? …and not something you should worry yourself with if you feel it’s gone on too long for your liking, obviously you clearly don’t agree with what I am saying, and as I have said in every post, that is perfectly fine and okay by me. I have to hold stock in something for it to be an issue, I welcome everyone’s comments. So I am not sure where your coming from, so perhaps maybe you shouldn’t be going on about it, rather than worrying about me going on about something that is in a different area for you? However, I welcome anyone to speak on the topic. As for you talking about calling you out or whatever you were going into. I have no clue, if you are referring to me saying I don’t know what you do for a living, well actually; now I do, an actor, and a level 1 seller here on fiverr, and you know what brother, that is fabulous! I started selling few days ago, and I’m a level one seller as well, which honestly means nothing to me, lol, BUT… Jonbaas, I have spent my life as a developer, programmer, creator and educator, a giver of knowledge, a student of everything around me even actors Jonbaas. I spend my time ‘being’ not pretending and although I can easily empathize with your inability to reason with this situation that you aren’t fully embracing, because you think it’s simple as thats just the way it is. Also, I can appreciate that you talk on these forums a great deal, everyone sees those posts, that’s on this forum, on every topic. I think it’s interesting how you post on just about everything Jonbaas, I applaud that involvement. However, I’d dare to say, my phone would be more likely to ring in a setting of need for defining or expert coding advise. I think that’s a fair statement, I doubt anyone could argue that Jonbaas. However, none of this has anything to do with the original topic and the sentiment intended from it, and the attention to it. Sadly, I too am human, and allow others to sometimes side track my focus briefly, though that has ended now. So, I can clearly say at this point the more you speak on the matter in the cut the dry way you have been without the experience to support it, not only discredits the issue entirely, but it shows your lack of knowledge in this arena, to anyone from mine, or even close to it. That isn’t an insult sir, that’s a clear fact. I would go on but, I’m pressed for time and this is starting to feel negative to me, I don’t do negative well. I do have a interesting view though Jonbaas, maybe I will leave the skill of Acting to Professional Actors and Pretenders, as they would say once upon a time, as yourself Jonbaas and give that respect, in what you do sir. And maybe, just maybe you respect the experiences of others enough to be a little less nonchalant with your opinions or findings on topics in which you have no training, other than a surface user. Because although your opinion is just as important as mine or anyone else’s Jonbaas. I’m speaking of a technical fault of functionality, a coding short coming sir, not something your opinion would really be able to communicate on with any mature level of competency. I’m sorry you took my earlier post so personally, or incorrectly, I think you were under the impression I was here to speak to just you based on your remarks, so I hope I was a little more forward and my feelings now open, since emotion is the obvious reaction you cared to share with me about my topic to the forum, and a misreading of context, rather than being settled that you spoke your ill informed piece on the topic I brought, and that was that. So you mirror towards me instead and say…

Wait, you know what, I don’t think I need to go on, anyone I would care to understand what I am saying, already does, and did well before this post. Some people mistake kindness or friendly agreeableness with thinking a person thinks they really have a valid point, the sad part of it is, that is far from the truth, not a lot of difference here. This is becoming far too negative for me, it is like too many calories, I have had enough Negative for all week now! Bah! :slight_smile: Be well everyone!

Do what makes you happy, you only live once!

Take care Jonbaas, Ricksper, everyone else in Fiverr land, back to work for me for a few hours.

Best Regards,


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Reply to @michelltech:

Unfortunately, it would appear that you contributed nothing further to the discussion with the above post, other than to submit a long paragraph calling me out as uninformed, “a Pretender”, unable to communicate, and a variety of other interesting commentary. Your opinions are duly noted.

I originally responded to your thread-starting post in an effort to help clarify the issue you had with your experience in the rating system. I have been derided and personally criticized as a result. My help and knowledge no longer appears to be welcome, so I shall politely bow out of this particular discussion. I would prefer to exit on a high note, and not continue to interact in a thread that appears to have gotten way off track.

Good luck on Fiverr. I hope your future success is able to correct the ratings concerns you are facing in the present.



Agreed, way off track, I was feeling the same thing as I mentioned previously. And I certainly didn’t intend to criticize, for the record, but more to, identify the indifferent and the view merits of what I was trying to bring light to. I am sorry if it came off that way. Which it may have, I was feeling pretty negative about it, which again, I mentioned as well previously, sorry, I won’t be redundant. Regardless, I appreciate the input, honestly.

Best Regards,


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Reply to @jonbaas: Question for you or anyone else who might know: How can a total score go back to 100% when you still have any rating on your record that is below 5 stars whether it is 1 rating in 20 or 1 rating in 50,000. I’d like to know if/how this is possible.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

Hi Fonthaunt,

It is possible and it’s an inferior sliding scale system which is my point exactly, it needs attention.

Best Regards,


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