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Fiverr rating threats

I used for the first time one year ago with great success. Over the last year, a lot has obviously happened. I got work done really poorly and I rated the work as such. See the reply I got from the user (attachment).

Is this the road we want this rather good website concept to go down?

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If the seller is withholding the final deliverable until you give them a 5 star rating, report them to Customer Support.

That’s why some people complain about getting poor work from high rated sellers. You can either leave the review and lose money or cancel the order (get your money back ) and the review gets removed. At least there are a lot of other people who do quality work. I’d say don’t worry about it and cancel the order if you don’t want to be “blackmailed” into leaving a good review even though you don’t think he/she deserves it. In any case, report the case to Customer support.

Seriously? Who does this… I’d report them ASAP.

I believe you can leave feedback and then change it as well. If you don’t feel they deserved 5 Stars, then go back in and correct it after they give you what you paid for.