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Fiverr Ratings Are A Corrupt Joke

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I’ve ranted about this in another feed, but this topic deserves it’s own thread.

I’m exclusively a buyer, at least for now, and based on my experiences I don’t know if that will even continue much longer.

The first 4 gigs that I’ve attempted to start or have actually purchased have been a complete nightmare. The first two had weird, rude quirks that resulted in both of them canceling or denying my order. The third one delivered a terribly-written article (like elementary-school level grammar and research), and the fourth gave me an article that was almost 100% plagiarized (which I discovered by doing a very simple google search).

Here’s the thing: ALL of them had 5 full stars, and had ALOT of ratings. In other words I’m smart enough to know that sellers with 3 ratings might not necessarily be trustworthy.

As I look through some of these forum threads, I find that sellers discuss all sorts of ways to get their ratings changed or otherwise manipulate their overall rating, including:

  • Canceling instead of completing orders with dissatisfied buyers
  • Verbally pressuring the buyer to change his/her rating
  • Offering refunds in exchange for higher ratings
  • Offering more work in exchange for higher ratings

I might be able to understand the latter 2 (i.e refunds/more work) in an effort to actually satisfy the customer. But when all of these techniques are being discussed broadly as a way to manipulate ratings that would OTHERWISE give an accurate measure of a seller’s overall performance, it results in a completely corrupt and inaccurate rating system. How am I supposed to know who is actually professional and honest?

It would seem like this couldn’t actually be true. But when you search through many of the seller categories, you will find that an ASTOUNDING number of people have 100% 5-star ratings…waaay more than you would find in any real-life statistical population. In other words, if the rating system was producing accurate results, you would find something like:
20% 5-star
60% 2-4 stars
20% 1 star

It seems to me that sellers should be discussing ways that they could improve their skills and services. I’m sure some of them are, but for me they’re just hard to find apparently.

Anyway…I’m done. I feel better getting that out. Have a nice day.

This megathread rant merge has turned two angry threads into one unintelligible whole!

I love it.

I can’t imagine a decent writer getting $8 and writing a creative well written unique article for that amount.


How did what I just posted end up in the middle of this? I thought it would be on the bottom where the new posts usually go.

I just want to see if this post goes to the middle of the thread again or the bottom.

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Phew, awesome.

  • Canceling instead of completing orders with dissatisfied buyers

We have a right to do that. Do you think we like it? I hate losing money, but when a buyer demands a revision and it isn’t worth my time, what choice do I have? We’re not your employees, we don’t work for you, we work for ourselves and if you anger us, we’ll send you packing.

  • Verbally pressuring the buyer to change his/her rating

I don’t do this, it’s pointless. Also, we don’t do anything verbally here, we communicate through messages. Hope you haven’t been sharing your phone number, that’s against the rules.

  • Offering refunds in exchange for higher ratings.

This is also pointless since the review will probably be removed anyway.

  • Offering more work in exchange for higher ratings

Also pointless, what if you don’t like the more work we do?

I don’t know why you had bad experiences. What kind of gigs did you order? Either way, why do you care? Just click resolution center, get your money back, order from someone else. Honestly, if go to a bad Mexican restaurant, I don’t hate all Mexican food, I’m simply going to try another restaurant next time. Gigs are the same way, some gigs are great, some are good, and some are terrible. Eventually the market will decide who stays and who goes.

Anyone else notice ALOT… :stuck_out_tongue:

emmaki You know, I’ve never received so much ridicule for simply wanting to be treated fairly, but thanks for the insult, real nice.

This thread is a complete mess now, I don’t even know what’s going on. Don’t know why these needed to be combined at all.

The customer may “always be right” but that doesn’t stop them from been obnoxious and shown the door… :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you read Fiverr’s FAQ/TOS before you dived into ordering a gig? 9/10 it’s user error and their failure to read that causes all the issues on here, sad but true.

You want to be treated fairly but are insulting pretty much everyone on here trying to give you help, seriously with this attitude are you surprised sellers cancel on you?

r3k0d3d You can’t actually tell, because the thread is such a mess now. But I’ve responded cordially to everyone that has done so to me. That said, I also have no interest in being polite to people who just join the thread to start an argument. And if you read some of my earlier posts you’ll know the actual details of the interactions with sellers instead of just insinuating that I was rude to them too.

Whatever, I’m the bad guy. But I’m also right about the inefficacy of the rating system. Sorry if that offends people

By the way, the fact that more people here seem to care more about proving me wrong and taking me down a peg than the actual issue that I’ve brought up (which should be legitimate to anyone who wants to be taken seriously and stand out as a good seller)…is starting to speak volumes.

If you think the rating system doesn’t work correctly, may I suggest posting a suggestion in the Suggestion Box about it?

Changing or modifying the rating system has been brought up multiple times over the years once it was switched to the star system. To date, nothing has changed.

Its hit and miss at times here. Hopefully you’ll stick around to find that special seller that can deliver the desired product. Things were a lot simpler on the site back during its infancy but not so much today.

Just returning the favor!