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Fiverr Ratings Are A Corrupt Joke

emmaki When exactly did I insult you? You’re the one who started at me sayin I’m “riding all around here like an angry bull and knocking the precious china about.” Never said a bad word about you, but again thank you for helping to perpetuate all the animosity here.

It’d be really cool if people actually stuck to the talking points here.

artlifeoriginal I might do that. But if Fiverr cares enough they can also just read my original post. Also I’m not sure I feel like creating another opportunity for people to drown me out and start unnecessary arguments.

This thread is both entertaining and a mess. I didn’t get much out of it but in general it seems to center around the rating system. Not sure it matters, but like I said above (or is it below since the order of posts seem to be out of whack), when it comes to the rating system, the buyer has the upper hand. If the rating is changed, it isn’t because the seller changed it – the buyer can only change it. You can read hundreds of threads on the forum from sellers complaining to Customer Service and 99.9% of the time CS tells the seller they can’t change the rating without the buyer’s consent. So I don’t know what the beef is. If the buyer changes the rating for what ever reason, then they are part of the problem and deserve as much if not most of the blame. You can’t blame sellers for the rating system since they can’t change it without buyer’s consent.

It’s like expecting a genuine YSL handbag for $30.

edit: this was put at the bottom but popped up again in the middle.