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Fiverr ratings have gone down due to a single bad rating

Hello. I have just got a rating of 3.7 and all over rating goes to 4.8. I just wanna know if I am gonna get new orders so that I can deliver much better works. Also if some people can give me feedback on my gig. I will appreciate it. Thanks.


Never offer unlimited revisions.

It might take a month or two, but yes, you can still get new orders at any time.

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4.8 not bad you can try next job 5 start. Then solve this problem.

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Thanks. Do you think my gig has enough quality to withstand the competition ???

What do you think of my gig ???

It’s not going to mean all that much as you add up your future ratings.

For example, I have a 5-Star rating overall.

But that’s from over 600 ratings.

But if you break down my individual ratings, you will see several 4-Star ratings and one 2-Star rating.

I’m sure the Buyer who left the 2-Star rating was trying to make a point but in the overall stats, it has no impact.

Don’t get too hung up on the rating system because you won’t get 100% 5-Star ratings.

Just work hard to do the best for your Buyers and that will return in your favour over time.

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Depends completely on who you consider to be competition (direct and indirect). Personally, I’m not particularly impressed (you could use more practice with body structure), but I am also an indirect competitor.

I think you have potential, but are likely to have slow growth.

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