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Hello I have had a pretty decent experience with my page until recently my niche is music so I had a gig where I provided reviews of music/music videos and in my premium gig I offered to share the reaction on my social media. I’ve been getting good sales for months now and all of a sudden yesterday I received a message that my gig was removed without any further explanation. I contacted support and was told they were checking into it, and then another message saying that my gig was removed because it is against policy to offer reaction videos which was a surprise to me since it was an option when I created the gig. I also searched and there were other sellers with reaction videos as well so I looked for their policy stating the issue with reactions but I couldn’t find anything it’s just frustrating because my gig was doing very well 13k impressions, 335 clicks, with 25 orders within the last 2 months. Has anyone else had an issue with reaction videos?



It’s paid reviews they have a problem with (eg. Amazon sued a lot of sellers a few years ago - eg. some might have been providing fake/biased reviews). So if you wrote that it was a review then that was probably what got it deleted.


Ok thank you, I didn’t look at it like at all. So with that understanding I guess I see their point

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I gave true honest music reviews so I didn’t look at them as fake but I wonder is there a way I can reword the gig to make it acceptable? :joy::man_shrugging:t5:

You could ask CS what things roughly similar to that are allowed. Maybe for reaction videos they might also have a problem with copyright if you are reacting to copyrighted music/video footage and that’s heard/seen in the video you create (maybe a bit of it might be fair use depending on which copyright law is relevant/where the person creating it is).

It’s unethical to be paid to write a review because it creates bias and misleads the reader. It doesn’t matter if you’re honest: money = bias regardless and it’s unethical.