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'Fiverr really helped me to avoid boring these lock down days...'

My name is Mukthar, here I am a new member. I have been working 13 years experience in Graphic Designing. I am at home for 21 days as the country declared its lock down. It is now that I learned more about Fiverr. This is a wonderful world, which so many opportunities have .
Fiverr really helped me to avoid boring these lock down days.
I learned a lot of things that will help me improve my career.
I am still learning new things and also very Interested to work through this. The profile is all made up. There are a lot of experienced people in this Fiverr family. Hope your valuable suggestions. Show me if there are any mistakes in my profile and Gig.
Mukthar (

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Welcome to the fiverr family @orbitonline :smiley: I’d say your profile looks very diversified which is good. Wish you the best of luck!

Thanks…very thanks for your comment,

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