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Fiverr really needs to put in a modification button for sellers

buyers can say the gig needs modification, but what about sellers that can’t get enough information from their buyer? i keep having this happen where people dont respond for days with more info until my gig is already late. need something to stop that from happening.

“seller requests information modification” button

make it happen,yeah?

Wrong place, you should’ve written this in the “Suggestion Box” section.
I agree that sometimes it can happen, you need to stop the timer and request more information or anything like that. Would be good to have “clarification required” button or something like that. I personally can deliver with comments that I need more info and as soon as I get it all is gonna be finished. I didn’t have any problems with such approach yet.

Agree. There must be such thing.

Please post it in the Suggestion Box section, but yeah, that is so necessary!

Here you go - thread now in the Suggestion Box where it definitely belongs.