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Fiverr really needs


… To fix the “RESPONSE RATE” issue. I really don’t like that if you communicate with the client and then they leave a short message like “Thanks.” or “Bye.” you still have to respond to those or get docked points for not responding.

… To have some kind of notice that a client has downloaded or viewed your delivery. It says delivered but I never know if they have seen it and then they don’t respond. The order get labeled as complete automatically and then you are left still wandering.

… To make viewing documents and photos through the app a working thing. I always have to download it to Dropbox or Google docs and wait till it finishes uploading just so I can see what the client sent me. Why even have that on there if it doesn’t work?

… To pause the delivery time after you send a file. I keep getting clients who wait till the order is almost auto closed, despite me sending the file early, then send a revision. At that point the order is labeled as “LATE” and I get a lower score because of it.

… To have the definition of COMMERCIAL RIGHTS and FULL BROADCAST RIGHTS clearly listed. Clients have no idea what those are for and will argue for the lower cost one whether or not the order requires the other.

… To give us more words for our gig descriptions. There is a lot that the clients need to know on some of these but we have to leave out important details because we just ran out of room.

I have been on Fiverr for 6 years now and have been waiting to see these issues fixed.


That shouldn’t be the case. See:

The Response Rate Indicator tracks a seller’s first response to a new request. While it is important to continue responding to buyers until a conversation has concluded, those later messages are not a factor in the overall Response Rate.

Also in Chrome, there should be an icon when a message needs to be responded to within 24 hours (ie. the first one you receive from a new potential buyer).


uk1000 is totally correct that you only have to respond to the first message.

Although the “late” message is shown, it does not count against you as long as you delivered on time in the first place.

This one might not be possible. Since these could be seen as legal definitions they would vary from location to location. Sellers generally need to develop their own system and their own documentation that explains what rights they sell and for what cost. In most categories, it is easiest to just include all rights in the price of the gig itself. If you are in a category that requires separate rights listed, you can develop a simple document to explain the rights you sell.


Hi Timmy the man himself.
I agree with you , I have had cancellations this week for these very reasons. Commercial scripts from buyers who have been around since 2015 trying to bypass what it states in my gig and requirements.