Fiverr Recommended gigs


Fiverr told that Recommended gigs are chosen by manually,But most of gigs in recommendation list have in low rating like 4.7 gigs…I checked last 2 weeks but this gigs Fiverr editors didn’t remove it,I can’t understand I got more than 550 positve Reviews but never came up???


No friend,Fiverr customer support told that Recommended gigs are chosen by manually,They told that Recommended sections on fiverr website are manually chosen by fiverr Editorial team


Recommended gigs are based on the impressions of your clicks on various gigs. They’re not manually adjusted by Fiverr’s staff, as this would be incredibly time consuming. kjblnx is absolutely correct in this matter.


If someone said to that to you, you may have misunderstood or they misunderstood your question. Featured gigs are manually chosen but not the other search types.