Fiverr 'Recommended' Section vs. the rest


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr, have posted my Gig and have searched the forums to understand how the ‘Recommended’ section works. Although some have said it is unknown, after contacting Fiverr Support, they instructed me to send my Gig up for review and they may post it in that section. However, they later said it cannot go there yet due to having no history of sales, which sounds fair.

My question: How can many others, in my own category (Business Tips), appear in the Recommended section with 0 sales and no other Gig history then?

Any insight would be appreciated!



I’m not exactly new, over a year, but I’m not sure either. And as a matter of fact, I received an email early this morning stating that my gig was “just featured”.

Excitedly, I’ve looked all around Fiverr several times today and have no idea where it’s featured. It’s not on Fiverr, the blog or Facebook.