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Fiverr Refunds

After a cancellation I was refunded the fees I paid for a gig that was cancelled. When I received the refund the processing fee was not included. I realized that my next gig order had to match the amount of the refund, and since I paid the processing fee they did not charge me again for it. I placed another order and the monies were deducted from my total. For some reason I now have $1.25 in my account that I must use in another gig. There are no $1.25 gigs and as such this money sits. How am I ever to use it? It is never credited to anything over the amount in one’s account. I’m confused! Any suggestions?

Hello, Sorry to hear your bad experience !! you need to contact fiverr customer support team, it will be help for you and he/she resolve your issue as soon as possible.