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Fiverr refuses to give me a price for his work. Is this normal?

Not going to give the seller’s name. He asked to be contacted before purchasing a gig. I sent him general info on my need and he came back asking only two things. What did I need it and what is my budget? I laid out exactly what I needed done, told him I need it in a week, but didn’t tell him my budget. Seems to me whatever I told him I was willing to pay would be the starting point for a fee negotiation. He failed to respond. Waited a couple of days and told him I needed a response or I would look for another fiverr. Clearly he is looking to extract as much as possible. The $5 thing seems to be a joke.

Unless the price stated clearly in his gig, he sure has the right to ask that question. I don’t know what you were ordering exactly, but I used to offer making animation videos, and asked people to contact me to discuss price. That’s the purpose of contacting before ordering, to talk about price and budget. I did offered something for $5 in the gig, but it’s very basic and short and anything beyond that would require a clear discussion. That’s why he asked for what you want.

Maybe you’re asking for more than what he offer for $5, and he was asking if you’re willing to pay for that. It seems you aren’t.