Fiverr Refusing to Remove Negative Feedback?


I had a buyer request one of my voiceover gigs. After I delivered it ahead of schedule they asked me to re-record with a different tone and to pronounce a Japanese word correctly. They provided only text on how to pronounce the word. I happily rerecorded the spot at no extra charge and re-pronounce the word per their instructions. They then asked me again to pronounce the word giving me a sample of how the word is pronounced and I pronounced it exactly as they requested. Then after sending a third voiceover at no charge and going above and beyond for this particular buyer they requested to cancel the order. I respectfully declined. They then asked me to try yet another time and I went out of my way and recorded it again and was getting ready to send it to them and they went ahead and left negative feedback on my gig.

I contacted fivver customer support and pleaded my case that have been negative feedback removed. They refused stating…

"The buyer’s tone doesn’t come off as harsh or tries to undermine your gig. It looks like they simply weren’t satisfied with the work you provided them. Yes, you did deliver to them a few times, but there’s nothing foul about their feedback"

I take issue with this because the language the seller used absolutely undermined my gig and definitely was foul, unfair and unjust feedback. I would like to get other sellers feedback on this issue…


look at it simply.

If it was unjustified, the negative feedback should be removed.

IF it was justified, then the negative feedback should stay… irrelevant of how you feel about it.

As I said earlier, the world won’t end just because you got 1 negative feedback… and I personally think it’s a good thing that there isn’t a sea of green thumbs. No one is perfect, I like to see that a seller can accept that and take the negative feedback on the chin. This makes me want to buy from that seller even more (and I know others do too)

I’ve yet to have my first negative feedback… but I welcome the day that I do.


I’ll be honest here, I don’t see anything wrong with their feedback. Perhaps the only poor thing may be ‘can’t pronounce the word properly’, after all it is a Japanese word. Without knowing what you said I can’t comment on the ‘rude’ part.


Unfortunately whether you think feedback is just or not, is a matter of opinion.

You’ve had hundreds of positive feedbacks and only two negatives, I’m sure other buyers will not let this prevent them from ordering from you.


Its one of those cases where unfortunately some people just cannot be pleased :confused:


Here is what I would do here. Since other buyers do not know the context leave a thumbs up reply and make it clear the buyer was asking you to speak Japanese. Beyond that there is not much else you can do.


The best thing you could do is to reply to their feedback with a thumbs up, apologize that you were not able to satisfy them and be sure to include that they were asking you to speak Japanese, you tried your best, etc.

Don’t come off as rude, snobby, irritated, etc. Remain calm, polite, apologetic, and professional.

This is to show other potential buyers that you’re not such a bad guy and that even though he left a negative feedback you remain polite and professional.

This may not remove the negative feedback, but it will certainly lessen the effect it has on your sales!

Good luck!


I see it as a good thing that you have negative feedback,

Whenever I see a seller with a sea of green and no negative feedback… it sometimes makes it look fake. I actually enjoy seeing a few negative feedbacks because then the gig seems more real.


Thank you all for your great feedback. I can appreciate both sides of this discussion.

@bachas85 Thank you for your comments. You are right. I always overdeliver for my buyers. And if something isn’t right I do everything in my power to make it so. Thus why I have so many happy and repeat buyers. I am never rude to anyone and was hardly rude in this case. Finally, I never ask a buyer to pay me to redo the script if they are not happy with it.

One of the bigger issues for me was customer service not responding to my request to remove this feedback that was obviously foul and completely undermined my gig! That was a hard pill to swallow. So, what exactly do they consider foul and undermining?


Something has to change at fiverr. Fiverr treats customers like gods. The seller is almost a slave of the buyers. If it happens to be a good person then ok, you’re lucky. But if the buyer is difficult then the seller has a clear disadvantage. The negative feed thing has to change. You can’t just leave honest sellers being exploited by buyers. Fiverr has to take action and change its feed policy. And when a buyer gets refunded, his negative feed should be removed whether he agrees or not.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Really? You think some one will create 500+ accounts and rate own gigs? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what you are saying, I also sell on e-bay and deliver 100% but you can’t please everyone, I could sell hundred dollar bills for fifty dollars and someone would not like the one I sent and end with a negative feedback welcome to the word of sales…


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: I actually kind of agree with @wolfstarpicture. Up to this point, I have only been a buyer. I’ve looked through hundreds of gigs by this point, and while I am wary of negative feedback I sometimes a little more wary of the person who has nothing but 100% positive and tons of gigs in their queue already. This is because of personal experience, nothing directed at the seller. It’s just that I’ve come across LOTS of sellers who actual state that any negative feedback you try to leave will be removed, and because of sellers who do that anyway without announcing it first.

The point of a rating system is for both parties to be able to leave their opinion of their experience. You shouldn’t silence someone just because they weren’t satisfied and said so. I know as a buyer, sometimes I feel it necessary to leave negative feedback just so that no other unsuspecting buyers have to go through what I had to deal with. No, I don’t think it’s fair or right that people try to abuse the rating system by leaving untrue feedback but just like them, you as a seller have the option to rate the experience also. So sometimes when I see nothing but 100% positive feedback, it makes me wonder if that’s really the truth or if they just found a way to have any of their negative feedback removed. I can’t say that it affects my buying decision much one way or another, but it does make me wonder.


Reply to @istanley: You can’t just remove the negative feedback. Customer Support has to do it for you.

I had 2 negative feedbacks. One buyer gave it and refused to tell me why or post why on the feedback itself so I had a 90% rating, but with no explanation. He refused to answer my inboxes too. Customer Support removed it because they saw I kept trying to see what the problem was and trying to fix it and it was the buyer’s fault that he did not want to communicate with me.

The second buyer that tried to leave me bad feedback did it because he felt I should’ve treated him to a free gig extra and I refused to. He threatened to give me negative feedback and then claimed he was a multi-millionaire. No sir, I’m an ex-Marine married to a current Marine and we don’t take kindly to threats around here. I told him to go ahead and leave the feedback. What is he going to say anyway? “SELLER REFUSES TO GIVE FREE GIG LOLOLOLZZ STAY AWAYZ?” No. He wrote that I scammed him of money and that I copy and paste all my gigs. Customer Support removed it, no questions asked, did not even try to tell me to ‘work it out with the buyer’ because he was completely wrong.

Most sellers here are honest… especially the ones that have some levels under their belt. I know it hurts to have a 99% rating because there’s those onesies and twosies that only buy from 100% rating. Ratings can only be removed by CS and know that they are not always inclined to do so.


Reply to @mrspanda: I am well aware of that. But in many cases it seems that many of these sellers have found a way to convince Customer Support to remove the negative feedback for them, and I don’t think their reasoning is always logical or honest. I understand the necessity in some cases where the buyer hasn’t been upfront or honest or cooperative. Otherwise, it seems wrong that Customer Support would be that willing to remove negative feedback in some of these cases.

To be fair I have had it done to me as a buyer, and I consider myself a pretty fair and cooperative buyer. I don’t expect anything other than what’s described and if I don’t understand or agree with what’s in the description, I move on until I find something I can deal with. I give clear instructions when asked and respond to any questions or requests as soon as they come in. Yet I have seen my own negative feedback removed (I know because at first it was there and then a few days later it wasn’t, and looking through the gig order conversation it wasn’t there either. It looked as if I’d never given any feedback for the order, and then the seller was asking me to leave positive feedback despite the fact that I had a negative experience with them). As a buyer I don’t appreciate that. It may not happen often but it happens enough that it makes me very suspicious and a bit skeptical.


Reply to @istanley: Even if your negative feedback is removed, you can put it there again. Customer Support told me themselves that they will remove 1 negative feedback but if the buyer comes back and puts another one back up (you can still post another feedback once admin removes the old one) then they won’t remove it again. First guy I removed feedback from did that. His feedback was removed and he just put another one up without buying another gig! I contacted CS and they said there was nothing they could do about that. They removed it once again for good faith but said if he did it again they wouldnt help me.


A big thanks to everyone who replied to this topic. I really appreciate everyone’s input and suggestions.

As an update, even though customer service would not remove this obvious unjustified and undermining feedback I did work it out with the seller and in the end they removed their feedback and left a wonderful review for my work.

The lesson learned here is that it’s best to do your best to work it out with the buyer. You cannot rely on customer service to do the right thing every time.



You have so few negatives that that I’d still order from you.

I would not order from you if your response to the negative was unprofessional or rude. It’s important for me to add that it factors in for me as a buyer how a seller deals with a negative experience.

I get how 1 negative out of hundreds stings though. Believe me, I get how a small minority negative can have more of a personal impact.

*Take the negative as another opportunity that it is to exhibit one more moment of unwavering and distinguished professionalism.


Reply to @mrspanda: Good to know, I think I’ll do that. I’m dealing with a much worse situation with a seller now and if they don’t just give up and request a cancellation I will definitely be posting negative feedback. This will be only the 2nd time I’ve done it since I started with Fiverr. This is the kind of seller that would request to have negative feedback removed. I’m their first buyer. They did a horrible job and asked for more money after delivering 24 hours late with almost NO communication.

So yeah, I have a feeling they’d tried to request that first bit of negative feedback be removed. Of course, if they cared to investigate Customer Support would see exactly what happened through the gig conversation and that the negative feedback is completely justified. But if they somehow manage to get it removed, at least I know I can put it back up.


Reply to @charis_r: Buyers definately have the upper hand, but that is where the revenue comes from so there you go. I received a negative feedback on one of my gigs that previously had 100%. The buyer ordered one GIG which showed in my mangaed sales basket, I delivered it within the time frame and got a negative feedback saying they order a completly different gig.

It dropped my rating to 86% with is very low. So negative feedback does effect your rating significantly if one of your GIGs has only made half a dozen sales. Worse than that, the feedback gives the impression that I’m a sloppy provider.

There should definately be some kind of way to remove the negative feed back if it is clearly unwarranted and unreasonable.

I agree that it is up to the reader to judge the negative feedback and it depends what it is actually said.