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Fiverr released new Badge - Ambassador



I notice some of the people have Ambassador badge on Profile at top left hand side.



Any screenshot or link to check ?


More info :arrow_down:


Looks really interesting. There are always new developments on the site.


Check the attached file


The Ambassador badge is neat, but it’s not actually new. Some of the forum moderators (like @ozzieuk and @twistedweb123) have been official for a long time. (Hope you guys don’t mind the tags but since there is curiosity about this I thought it might be good to mention that we :heart: our Ambassadors!


@fonthaunt I am currently seeing a form to become an ambassador on the “Ambassadors Program”. Can i get involve in this program by any means?


you can submit an application, if your account age older :slight_smile:


It’s an one year old account… :worried:
I just checked… all of the current Ambassadors have a very old 6-7 years old accounts.
So… i have no chance. :confused:


you can try to submit your application. If fiverr team like you then you will get the Badge


Anyone can contact Fiverr to inquire. Even if you are’t eligible yet, they might be able to tell you something about the program itself or others. Granted, I think the current ones have been on Fiverr a long time and are all at least TRS, but I still don’t see why it would hurt to fill out a form.


Wahhhayy i’m famous :smiley: We’ve had the badge for a while. You can apply here:


Yes, You can sumbit, they will check it and get back to you, I already submitted my form


Work on getting top rated first :slight_smile: and for design start raising your prices


yes i agree with you


Congrats Bro :slight_smile: You are a Fiverr Ambassador. Hope you will help us always