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Fiverr remove my gigs from search pages, any solution?


For over 8 days now, Fiverr has removed my most active gig from all search pages on the site… There was an issue that I don’t have a $5 service on this 18 months gig and I quickly added a $5 service to it that very day!

But unfortunately, Fiverr has refused to return this gig back to its former position on the 4th Line of High Rating in Social Media Design SubNiche.

I have sent several messages and they keep replying me with their annoying Automated responses… “We cannot help you to Expose your Gigs!”

This gig was worked on for over 18 months before I was able to get to the first page of High rating and maintain my position there, now they have removed it completely from The Search Pages and its Invincible!

Anyone have such a problem before?

Were you able to solve it?

Thanks for the anticipated Responses.



I need very applicable solutions please…because this has really affected my sales by 90%.


Hello was this your facebook and social media design gig?
I’m sorry to hear this. I see a link to a site where you have samples and as far as I know fiverr does not allow this. They only have a few allowed sites where you can have links and that site is not one of them.

Also it sounds as if you have not been offering anything for $5. No one here has the reasons for why any gigs are placed where they are in the rankings or the way to make sure any gig stays in a good spot.


First, I have been on Fiverr for 2 years and I have done my homework pretty much well… Fiverr allows links to Flickr albums as long as you have that album for fiverr alone, which is what I did. if you have visited it, you will see that everything on that account is for and was from fiverr alone. So, that is not the case here.

2- I have been offering very effective services on this gig dfor a very long time without any issues at all… There is no place where it is written that you MUST offer your services for $5…My work is premium and all my clients have been very satisfied with the results they get.

It was so unfortunate that $5 buyer who insisted that I do a $20 job for $5 was the one who instigated this issue and instead of fiverr to message me first, they decided to remove my gig from the system entirely!

I did what they asked of me but now my gig has not been returned to the search pages, it is now completely off the Radar!

Very very Annoying! :frowning:


There was an issue that I don’t have a $5 service on this 18 months gig and I quickly added a $5 service to it that very day!

There is no place where it is written that you MUST offer your services for $5

Is this what you told customer support after they told you that you need to offer something for $5?


You don’thave to offer your full service for $5, but I think the Terms still state you do have to offer something for $5. No one expects you to do a full job for only $5, but you might need to break it down. I’m not sure why else your stuff would be removed from the search.

But the one thing you did not do is state in your ad what you will give someone if they pay only $5. Then you have the upgrades but what does someone get if they only order the basic gig?


Hello, I completely understand your problem, you don’t actually need to do the job for $5 but you must have basic gig for $5 and you can add extra packages to your gig,
My Advice is that, try as mush as possible to include $5 to your basic gig and state in your description what $5 will get the buyers and after few weeks, contact customer support and explain things to them in a more proper way, we know how it feels for your gig to be removed from the search page.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think if you can’t or don’t want to use packages, you still have to have a $5 option. Since non-package base gigs have a set $5 price that buyers can choose, that makes sense.


Actually, I think its all a bid from one of the Fiverr CS guys to just make me work my ass off! Because after over 6 emails, they eventually returned my gig to the search pages… But you know what 8 days away from the system does to any gig… It’s now pretty much messed up! :frowning:

Am just trying to see if I can get my gig back up and that will cost me a whole lot of money and time…because I will have to reduce my pricing very low so that I can get sales again and grow back up.

So Painful. :frowning:


Nope, but I know you understand what I’m trying to say… The gig was never denied for 18 months and it never had any issues whatsoever… Anyway, its now been rectified.


It was there, the thing was mainly because I offer more than 1 related service on that gig. So, I made it clear that buyers should contact me before placing any other… They read this and instead of contacting me, they just place a $5 order for a service that I have clarified on the description that its $20.

This is wrong and most buyers accept after a brief explanation and do the right thing… this last buyer just started calling for my head and am sure that was what prompted CS to remove that gig and ask me to edit it.

The bottom line is that after editing it, it was live again, but was not returned to where it was removed… It was not returned at all for 8 straight days!

So,the gig is pretty much messed up now! :frowning:


Thanks for the intelligent response harrison, This issue has been rectified a long time ago… The problem I have later on was that the gig was not returned tothe search pages…so bringing it back after 8 days have killed its authority!
Really sad!
but I will survive!


I feel such pain recently because I also a suffer of it. After 2 years later I was able to keep my gig on 1st page but my top visible gig is disappear from the 1st page. It was really very painful. Now I can’t get any order for it.
Oh! I was very happy with my that gig. Oh! I can’t remember again of that days.
I can’t found any problem if my all buyer be happy with my service so why fiverr denied my gig. I can’t broke any rule of fiverr.
@graphics_pro360 I can think your mind as mine.
Now I can’t able to do anything and it changed my life totally and direct me in unknown way.


Fiverr CS eventually made that gig useless and I tried for 2 months to get it back to life, but it was too late!
Anyway, am past that now.


The answer I gave way back then isn’t applicable now either. Onward! :sleeping: