Fiverr Removed Gig Sharing Options!


Hey Guyz,

It looks like fiverr removed the google plus sharing option from the gig page… But why? Is any specific reasons behind it ?

Anyone tell me about this , why fiverr removed this ?



Odd, they sure did. Who knows.


Hmm, no idea! :thinking: Shoot CS an :email: email.


G+ isn’t that popular, maybe Dev Team removed it to make the UI more simple & minimal.


Is that still a thing?


Yup! I never use G+ it’s like totally BORING!


But this is really a gold miner for me :heart_eyes:! Get lots of sales from G+ … :sunglasses:


That’s cool, you can put your gig links menually.

I had G+ too ,can’t remember when I last (or ever) used it :stuck_out_tongue:


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:… Even I don’t use it! I used to share the gigs in a week & boom! Got too many order for the week to fulfil… :sunglasses::sunglasses: I won’t share/use this again until I have no order! :star_struck:

You can use it too! Give a try!


Me too want to know why Fiverr removed G+ option?


what about…


Submit a CS ticket and ask. :wink: