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Fiverr removed live portfolio option from the graphic design section?

I had checked my gigs today what I observed that Fiverr removed live portfolio option from the graphic design section all my gigs showing that option except the gig for logo designing

Fiverr staff posted a note saying that the issue is being checked. That’s all I’ve seen but they are aware.

Reply to @fonthaunt: yeah but that are important for new sellers like me, I have done my first order in signature logo and if they don’t show the live portfolio then how new sellers will attract to me
Fiverr should do something with it asap

Reply to @rajat11: I understand but I can’t help you with that. You could create a Flickr portfolio and as long as there is no way to contact you through Flickr you may be able to put a portfolio link on your profile. Another even safer option is to make a slideshow portfolio, save it as a video and put it up as your gig video. More people would probably see that and you could combine it with a good copyright-free music track to really give it a flashy gallery feel.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah thanks for the suggestion

Are you sure that sharing Flickr details in the gig is allowed on Fiverr

Reply to @rajat11: According to the list of allowed links I have, Flickr should be ok, but since my role is on the forum and not Customer Support, I would suggest checking with them for permission. If it takes a long time to fix live portfolio, though, it could be a quicker route to get a response from CS in less than a week and have some options.

If you do ask them, it would be great if you can post up a screen capture of the answer for others. It is not against any forum rules to share info about CS tickets or to mention Fiverr staff by username.

Some of the links on the list are surprising to me and there are some I personally wouldn’t risk even having this from Fiverr. I’m sure the list is subject to change, but Flickr is a pretty safe one. For example, though, I would never put a team viewer link right in my gig description so I would consider some of these to be risky… :-/

This is where URL list comes from and it’s still intact as of today:

What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

Note: If you use a URL, which is not in the above list, it will be removed from your profile. If used in your Gig, it will be denied. Repetitive violations may cause an account to be restricted.

Fiverr Customer Support

Reply to @rajat11: yes, but keep in mind that you the seller cannot decide if work you do for a buyer goes in your live portfolio. The buyer can choose to NOT allow it.

This is the same if you were freelancing on your own you should always ask your client if you can use their work on your website for advertising your services.

So if you are going to put work you do here on Fiverr onto a Flickr page, make sure you have permission from the buyer that they say it’s ok. Because remember once you make the sale and complete the gig, the buyer owns the copyright to the work you just created. You cannot use it without their permission.

Reply to @sincere18: This is a great point. Thanks for the addition. I tend to forget that since my samples are generally created for only sample purposes. I think my gigs are different from the average graphic design gig, as my buyers would almost never choose to display what they buy, so I build a portfolio with intentional samples or deliveries that reverted to me due to a cancellation.

Thanks for the reminder not to use a client’s delivery in a portfolio unless they have given permission or you clearly stated in your gig description that work would be used in portfolios.

Reply to @fonthaunt: You’re welcome. I added that because not all Fiverr sellers have worked either professionally in their field or as an independent freelancer.
They just sign up and start selling on Fiverr and think you do work, you get to use it for a portfolio, not really thinking through and copyright issues, or never have been taught that.

But it’s a growing problem in general. Try telling a 10 year old who has grown up with YouTube what copyright infringement means or just to not use that photo. They don’t get it, everything is “sharable” to the younger generation…

Reply to @sincere18: Very good points. Thanks again!

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for the help

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks i have message customer support let see what they will reply

Reply to @rajat11: Good luck!