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Fiverr Removed My "First Rate Petition Writing Gig"

OMG…why, why, why?

I woke up to see that Fiverr removed my gig where I offer to write a first rate petition for clients. I don’t understand, can someone help me out with this? My petition writing gig has been up for months and I had orders on it. In fact, I had an ongoing order on it right now.

When I check my email, it states that “Sellers who have gigs that claim to advertise users or provide tips about how to buy or sell on Fiverr are no permitted.”

Really, Fiverr? Nowhere in my petition gig did I advertise ANY user or provide tips about how to buy or sell! Is there any way I can appeal this?

Have any of you had this experience?

All you can do is to ask customer services - they may or may not reinstate your gig.

But why was it removed to begin with? I don’t understand

You’ll need to ask CS!

OK thanks for your help

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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