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Fiverr removed my gig and basically said we don't care

Hi everyone,

So I made a gig on Fiverr a while back and it was taken down for being “irrelevant to the marketplace”. I contacted Fiverr to restore the gig but they basically told me “we don’t care to bad” in the email, Now what really bothers me is there are countless other people offering the same type of gig I was offering. Some even being chosen as “Fiverr choice”, The reason I post this is in hopes to have someone at Fiverr higher up to take a look at this because it’s very unfair.

I’m not looking to get bashed so please if you don’t have anything good to say keep it to yourself.



I am sure that Fiverr doesn’t remove gigs without reasons… at the moment we don’t know much about what happened. What were you selling ?


What was the Gig for?

It’s tough to support you without that rather important point.


I used to provide people with good stocks to trade in the short term, I was having really good success and making some extra cash and helping people make some good trades so it felt good to do what I love and spread the wealth per say lol. I was rated 22 times 4.6 stars and had over 16 orders in que before my gig was removed, I would receive countless messages of people thanking me and asking for more trades but when I checked the reason why my gig was removed it stated “We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.” but it doesn’t make any sense there was clearly a demand by buyers for my service.

It seems to me that:

  • A: Fiverr will not remove a performing Gig that is making them money if it is within their own TOS (and laws of the lnad). to do so would make no sense. You would have appear to have strayed outside the TOS in some way.
  • B: That there are other people currently getting away with this same thing does not make it ok. As another seller points out, just because someone got away with murder does not mean that you can do the same - even going so far as to walk into a police station announcing your crime and declaring it perfectly Ok because of Jack The Ripper.
  • C: Just because you were making money and feeling happy also does not make it ok. That would be like an illegal substance seller using: But I was making such a lot of money doing this, and my customers loved the product as his court defense.
  • D: and this is the one I really wonder. If you are so great at picking & trading short-term stocks, shares, fourex etc, why be on Fiverr for pennies when you can trade your way into trillions?


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God, I hate it when people say “if you are good at trading stocks why go to Fiverr”, Maybe because for one it’s extra money, and two people charge hundreds if not thousands for a course to learn to trade them.

Why does a trucker drive a truck instead of opening up his own trucking business and make hundreds of thousand’s a year? :man_facepalming:

I don’t mean to sound like a dick but I even told Fiverr via email that there are others and they basically said oh well.

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You are fighting everything and everyone to avoid dealing with the thing you can change.

I was pointing out the logical conclusions in the situation.

If I was making $thousands a week on the Pop Charts, I would not sell music services. I would not need to. I sell music services because this is where my skills are and chart hits eluded me (as they do for 99% of Rock Stars).

I know several people who spend a life playing on Skateboards and Lamborghinis from trading. If you can do that, do that. If you can’t that is ok too. I am not (unduly) jealous of my lambo lads, I don’t try to tell people how to trade. If they ask me how come I own my own unit I will tell them (and hope they don’t fall asleep first as it is less exciting then trading).

Stop fighting your Ego corner and see what else is out there for you.


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cool I’m the bad guy.

I did not say that. If I decided that you were truly Bad I would walk away.

I do however think that you are the unwise guy and trying to offer a hand to help you out of your situation. I hope you take the hand but if you don’t that is ok too. We all come to happiness/success/salvation our own way.


You know Fiverr itself is in the stock market? I’m not sure but it may be the reason why they should NOT influence or manipulate trading decisions.

Don’t you have to have some sort of license in order to offer stock trading advice?

From what I remember, people who give this sort of advice have to have a license, so that if they do bad things, they are held accountable. I think the reason Fiverr does not like this sort of Gig is because you are perhaps promising a certain outcome.