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Fiverr Removed my gig because of a mistake?

Hi guys, I received this email from Fiverr this morning. They remove my gig without notice and for this reason

This gig active 4 months ago, It’s about Virtual staging and 3D Rendering for Real Estate.
I have to say all of my assets either open source or I created them.

This is a screenshot of that gig before

and this is video from that gig, there is nothing wrong, I think

And here is the reason I think Fiverr made a mistake.

This is a gig from my friend with almost identical with my gig:
I let him borrow the video and description because we providing the same service and he doesn’t know how to make a video as well as marketing.
So how come my gig be REMOVED and a copy of it STAYING?

I have most order from this gig and it’s all 5 stars. Now maybe this gig can’t recover and I have to start from the beginning? This is not easy to swallow.

But at least Fiverr should tell me which image or which part of my gig is wrong? That way I can prevent this from happening again in the future.

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That is not likely to be a Fiverr mistake. Are those images yours? Did you take those staging photos, or did you find them on the internet, and you’re claiming them as your own?


I can show you all the source files, and the empty room photo is from customers I worked for.

I don’t need to see your source files. I can’t help you get your gig back, so showing me would do nothing. If Fiverr pulled your gig, then they must have found those images elsewhere, and deemed them to be, as they stated, “not an original image or design”.

If you feel this is in error, contact Customer Support. None of us can help you get your gig back. Only CS has the power to manage or overturn gig removals.

Thanks, I will email them

And the only way to find these images on the internet is my portfolio website.
I’ve working more than 4 year in this industry and I have to take someone work to post on Fiverr?

Contact the Customer Support Service. They will open a contact line with you (check your email too). They answer in 24 hours, don’t worry.
If you have the original portfolio it will not be a problem.

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Looks like you shot in your own foot by letting your friend use your stuff.
Let’s be honest, it’s quite foolish to let somebody with the same gig use your materials in the first place.
They have to come up with their own work or find another niche.


they just give me a general answer and nothing changed

“it seems that our system detected that the images used for your Gig’s portfolio are not of your original design. Please only use images that you have created for your Gigs.”

and they didn’t answer my why my friend’s gig still stay…

Well what you should done is to send all your source files and proofs that it’s own work instead of shaming and blaming that they didn’t remove gig of your friend.

If your friends gig was uploaded before then his image considered as original. So that was a mistake as others mentioned to give your work to someone else especially when you are providing the same service.

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I think your gig content may be used by other users on Fiverr before.
Now it depends upon Fiverr team whether to approve or remove your gig.
But, you can request with strong proof about your content. Though it has no guarantee for approval.

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I’ve sent them my original portfolio website and the source file of my works and source file of the video.
My friend’s gig is just a copy so it’s active after my gig a few weeks.
Maybe I made a mistake to let him use my works… :frowning: :frowning:

Not “maybe”, it’s was for sure a big mistake.


However he just a guy working in my studio.
I’ve let some of my friend using my work somewhere, just for marketing because they working for me.

If you made that very professional video yourself for your gigs why would you allow someone else to use it? That doesn’t make sense. No one does that.


Well. I just working as a freenlance a few months so I don’t have a lot of experience for what should do and don’t…
I just help him to get some customers…
My mistake.

Good new!
I asked my friend to remove my video on his gig and provide CS team all the source files of my work. Now my gig has been restored!

That was close. This is a big lesson for me.


That’s great!


It’s great that you want to help your friend, but don’t harm your own business in the process.


Great! I’m happy for you and this will be a important experience for your future! Keep up the good work!

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Good Luck:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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