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Fiverr removed my gig from first page. Can't find it anywhere


So, for around 2 months of having my gig in the first page and receiving orders almost every week, Fiverr removed my gig from first page and I can’t even find it past the 10th page.

I was doing very well, all 5 star reviews, 1hr response time, I had just completed a test with high score. 1 sell away from level 1 seller. Then my gig disappeared and no one contacted me for new orders.

And don’t tell me its a thing about balancing, because the top guy in my niche has 4 gigs in the first page, how is that balanced?


Guessing you didn’t update the gig either? I had to prompt support after my gig permanently disappeared following an update I made.

You can check your gig status here:

Would be interested to hear what you find out…

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I didn’t update it. And it shows as active in the link you sent.

Strange, guess you can still ask support, they might just give a generic ‘wait for it’ reply though.

The only other thing I can think of is that a buyer gave you a negative second review. By second review I mean the review buyers get asked to give privately to fiver.

I guess I’ll try that.

It would be really weird if someone gave me a bad “second review”. I’ve delivered everything my clients ask for and before due date (most of the time).


I don’t know what you want to hear then :woman_shrugging: But it is a normal gig rotation and your “top” guy has nothing to do with your gigs, his gigs will be rotated when his time will come.


And when should that be? He hasn’t dropped from the first page ever since I joined, the same goes to other sellers in my category.

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Again, don’t look at others :woman_shrugging: Your gig is your gig. Some people are there for 2 years and then removed completely for a whole year. Fiverr algorithm is running with its own parameters and you wouldn’t be successful as long as you always look at others. Their gigs is not your business.


This happens to everyone. Nobody stays on the first row, or even the first page, forever. Doesn’t matter how well you’re doing, eventually others are given a chance to rise, while others fall.

Just drive for Uber or get a real job or find another Fiverr.

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But then again, I can’t find my gig anywhere. How does that make sense?

“Just drive for Uber or get a real job or find another Fiverr” . Come on dude, get real, this is my side hustle haha DRIVER FOR UBER haha

You can’t but others can. Fiverr is choosing to whom to show your gig.
If you have impressions more than zero than your gig is displayed in search

my gigs went from 1st page to 5th after I canceled an order because the buyer wanted me to do an academic assignment. I see how fiverr is now, the sellers are little monkeys and when a buyer places an order we are supposed to ask high high we should jump for the sweat shop pay. The only thing I regret is not shorting FVRR stock at 180 a share :roll_eyes: I was pretty bored during lockdown and signed up here to pass time…but with how sellers are treated…it feels more like passing gas :crazy_face:

I’m sorry you had that experience. Its weird to me that I did nothing wrong and still I can’t find my gig anywhere. It has 2 clicks in the last 14 days, so its still active. Doesn’t seem like Fiverr is making an effort to hear sellers opinions and make improvements to their platform.

it happens to everyone, relax it will be back soon

you are the best. I always read your tips

It happens a lot. All of mine rotated last year from first page and to this day they are still on pages 7-15 last I checked. So “soon” might not be a good estimation, as it has been a year for me soon.

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I’m being extremely real. This used to be my side hustle, it used to make me $1,000 to $2,000 a month. Now it makes me $100 to $300 a month. I can make a lot more than that driving for Uber and working in retail.

As a Fiverr superstar once told me: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

He was right, multiple sources of income is better than one.

Fiverr is just one side hustle, doesn’t have to be the only one.


One of the reasons I wouldn’t do Uber is because of the amount of time you have to invest to get good money. As I said I have a full time job, and in my country riding Uber isn’t as safe and earnings could be less than what you say. Also, there is a pandemic still I wouldn’t want to do that.

This is one of my sources of income, I have several and I’m trying to build more. I had built good momentum on the platform until it decided to delist me.

I had to look at your profile, and I have to agree. Doing Uber in MX doesn’t seem safe or lucrative. I’m glad you have other sources of income. Some advertise their gigs on social media, and by advertising I mean they pay for Facebook ads, google ads, etc. You could probably have a landing page and feature links to your gigs, Fiverr even has a section that creates banner ads for you.

Personally, I don’t do it because I don’t have the money to “invest” in advertising. The other option is to create YouTube videos in Spanish about your gigs. “How to” videos are very popular. I say in Spanish because you’ll have less competition than if you do it in English.

I will admit that Fiverr is weird when it comes to search results. For example, I created a gig about writing Hispanic Ad. The gig page tells me I’ve had 49 impressions, and yet when I search “hispanic ad,” I get:

No Services Found For Your Search

Try a new search or get a free quote for your project from our community of freelancers.

How can that be? I’m using “hispanic ad” not only in the title, but in my tag section.