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Fiverr removed my gig from first page. Can't find it anywhere

I have the same experience several times. But my gigs showed up again after a few weeks/ months. It will come back for sure; be patient and hope for the best!


Thank you for the advice and good intention. And yes, Fiverr is weird in their results, the company doesn’t seem to be taking much feedback from the sellers.

You are correct about the Hispanic Ad thing. I tried other combinations of words: “hispanic advertising”, “hispanic add”, they all return results.

I have actually thought about creating ads that link to my Fiverr gig, I haven’t got around to researching it.

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I had the same experience, contacted Fiver Seller Support, and after around 4 days it was back in search results with the same ranking. You should do the same.

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Dumb question: how do I contact them? Just went to and didn’t find the option to raise a ticket/request.

This is what I’m seeing, it’s not gig rotation, it’s fiverr bug, If level 2 or top level seller found that issues then fiverr support came back and fixed that which they’re telling in fiverr forum but others are not getting support, that’s why gig isn’t found even in last page. :neutral_face:

But still some of come here in that kind of topics and tellit’s gig ranking issues so we don’t need to contact CS, just wait with wrong conception that it’s gig ranking issues and one day gig will be back. It’s so wired.

Can you please shows us a screenshot of what fiverr CS replied to you and where they said that they will restore your ranking?

hahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

The gig came back in Fiverr search results a few hours before the CS Agent responded to my ticket, and I let him know even before he wrote anything. All they wrote was, “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience that this may be causing you. I’m glad that the issue was resolved please let me know if you need further assistance.”

Ah so fiverr CS has nothing to do with your gig coming back to search!
Your gig rotated back even before CS representative looked into your issue. So why are you promoting that it’s CS who solved it for you?

I don’t think so, because it was written under the tab “my gig disappeared in search results” that:

  • It seems like you gig is active but needs further review on our side to appear again in search results. Contact support here to assist you.

Can you please share a link on where to contact support for this issue? I can’t find something similar please

Why don’t you write the whole story from the beginning then? Your situation is completely different from the OP :woman_shrugging:

You edited your gig and it needed approval after you edited your gig. Your gig wasn’t rotated with the algorithm :triumph:

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Please read what he wrote. He just mislead everyone. He had a completely different problem. He edited his gig and it needed an approval of support. That’s very different from gig rotation. :point_down:

Sorry if my replies mislead you, I was just trying to help. I don’t really know what is the difference between this issue and mine, since my gig was approved and active and I could receive orders from existing buyers, but it wasn’t in the search results.

Man please share the link to where I can request support from Fiverr. I can’t find it.

you mean this one?


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You should create more gigs. I see you only have two. What else can you do to make money on Fiverr? Look for stuff that’s within your abilities, and not too time consuming.

is that your problem solve??
same situation to me .
my gig also not showing 1st page after update .i really don’t know how to fix .

Same happened recently to me. I can’t even find out my gig in the offline pages. Not even in the last page.

Yes, it got solved last month (December). I did nothing to fix, it fixed itself eventually.

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