Fiverr removed my long running and HOT gig! Without even asking me


I got an email right now from fiverr
"This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service. "

It doesnt infringe on ANYONE’s copyright and I made the gig image myself on Photoshop. Fiverr didnt even tell me who complained!! Probably a jealous person!! I have emailed fiverr… I regularly used to get orders on it, I have fulfulled 500+ orders on that gig!!

At least Fiverr should have first notified me, and tell me WHO SAID IT INFRINGED UPON THEIR copyright and WHATS their proof???

Why is Gig removed?


This is the reply I got, from JAMES (customer dept). I’ll also prove he is a LIAR

“Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry. Every Gig that is denied by our Marketplace Integrity team is reviewed thoroughly before considering the action to remove the Gig. Your gig was denied due to violation of the Third Party TOS. Unfortunately due to rules and guidelines as described in our Terms of Service we are unable to share any further information regaridng this.”

Ok, On March 18, 2016 they removed ANOTHER OF MY GIG… and then TOLD ME WHY IT WAS REMOVED (see JAMES reply here… he says we are unable to share any further info)

Last time my gig was restored because it turned out FIVERR HAD MADE A MISTAKE.

This time JAMES is marking my queries CLOSED without any further clarification!!! WTF Fiverr???


What kind of service were you offering? Fiverr doesn’t actually state anywhere in the Terms of Service that you will get a warning, so that part is a moot point. I understand why it is upsetting, but it may be something different than you are thinking by the message you got. If you were offering a gig that had something to do with a third party site, the image might not have anything to do with it.

To give you an example, a gig selling Facebook likes might stay up a long time even though it is against Facebook rules, but if FB finds out about it and complains to Fiverr, it will be removed based on third party site rules. The same goes for gigs that have anything to do with other social media, the Google search engine (backlinks) or other sites. If you give more info about what the gig was, that may help with an explanation.


Why is FIVERR NOT telling me which 3rd Party TOS I am violating???


It is Fiverr policy to share limited information for privacy reasons. If you explain what kind of gig it is, though, it is a process of elimination to figure it out in most cases. It also helps you to see if it could actually be a mistake, because there are good ways and bad ways to go about getting help if there was a mistake.

For example, if it was “promote your website on twitter, facebook, google plus, reddit and forums” it probably wasn’t a mistake. Social media gigs are a struggle to keep running on Fiverr now even though I think that one had tons of orders. The Fiverr Editors are starting to pull them quickly if there is any sort of complaint by one or more of the sites. If it was a Photoshop gig, though, that would be a different issue.


Update 2: Now ‘JAMES’ has accepted that last time they did indeed make a mistake but this time on this gig the decision is final AND THEY CANT tell me which 3rd Pary TOS I am violating


I was promoting peoples links on facebook, twitter and google plus etc


The one I added to my post above? This one: “promote your website on twitter, facebook, google plus, reddit and forums”? I saw that one was now missing so that was my guess. So, one or more of those third party sites probably complaints that your promotions violated their own Terms of Service. It’s getting more and more difficult to make any of those gigs work. I’m sorry.


Hi sundusfarrukh,

We need you to update your Gig: promote your website on twitter, facebook, google plus, reddit and forums so that it passes our content review.

'This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.

So Now I can go on marking EVERY GIG as violating some terms of service and you guys will remove it AND WONT EVE TELL THE OTHER PERSON WHAT WAS WRONG OR WHO COMPLAINED?

Are you getting the irony of this?

Once again, I am NOT violating ANY TOS of ANY company. Besides there hundreds of gigs advertising the same thing.


I dont SPAM any site. I have my OWN personal account and I post on that account. It is NOT against ANY TOS… IF it is, PLEASE TELL ME WHOSE and where is it stated.

The fact that you are NOT TELLING THAT means something is shady


I see that you have ‘more’ legal knowledge. When someone claims that Party B is Violating its terms of Service, Part A cannot remain ‘private’ They have to be come forward publicly.


I get you. I’m not Customer Support or Fiverr staff. I’ve just seen a lot of these gigs removed and have seen other people post about it, so I know that the Editorial team is removing them with increasing frequency. I also know they don’t typically tell you in advance and they don’t ever tell you exactly who complained.

I can’t actually say whether you were or were not violating the actual site terms since that’s beyond what I can guess at. I know that the majority of sites have updated their policies to reject promotions generated with bots and things like that, but I have no way of knowing more about it.

You’d have to ask the legal departments of all those social media sites for more info and even then, I don’t think you could change anything. I’m sorry and I understand your frustration.

All I can tell you is that your best bet is to create some new gigs that don’t get into those areas and work at building new clientele. As far as the other people with similar gigs, if/when complaints come in, theirs will probably come down too. From what I read, they act on it as a complaint is issued.


Oh I am sorry… It is written ‘ADMIN’ next to your name, thats why I thought you are staff… My apologies


Now you’re getting nuts on something that I’m just trying to explain based on reading the forum. I’m not staff. I don’t know anything to tell you except what I’ve seen. However, since you are screaming at me for explaining, I’ll respond to the last of your posts and I’m done. I know you had that gig up until recently because it still shows up in a Google search under your username. I don’t have inside info on it. I don’t know whose ToS you violated, I didn’t call you a spammer, and I’m not a Fiverr editor.


Legal issues vary from country to country and state to state. I’m not a lawyer, I am just well read. Fiverr is a private company at this time and if you think they are violating a law, feel free to obtain counsel.


Even Fiverr staff work in different departments so getting angry at one person doesn’t do a lot. I’m sorry about your gig. I tried to help you at least know that it’s not just you. Admin just means I am a seller who volunteers to help keep the forum in shape and try to answer questions sometimes. Good luck and I am done.


So you are staff, but in a different department?


No, I’m not staff as I said. I’m saying that your rant at me wouldn’t help even if I was staff because the department that stopped your gig probably wasn’t the same department that answered your ticket, etc. Bye.


Lots of similar gigs promoting links on these sites get removed all the time. They complain to fiverr so fiverr has to take the gigs down.


And here we have a great example of why SCREECHING LIKE A BANSHEE at people trying to help you with your issue gets you absolutely nowhere.

6/10 popcorn rating–needs more fighting.