Fiverr Removed my SEO Gig


HI I was working on my SEO Gig and just when I finally received a few customers, Fiverr has removed. Said due to violating terms. I talked to staff about this and they said fiverr doenst allow backlink reports??

What’s even crazier is my gig doenst even offer this it offers SEO. I need some help and guidance on this it was so exciting to get customers and reviews. and it took so long to do. now they removed saying sorry whats done is done.

Please fiverr community help me.

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It sounds like Fiverr has told you everything they can. Perhaps your water damage SEO gig mentioning “only we can provide these backlinks to you” was somehow flagged. It’s not my field, but I’m not sure anyone on the forum could help you further with that.


We can’t reinstate your gigs. What’s done is done.

That’s true. There are way too many scammers out there that as soon as you mention custom reports (which can easily be faked) it makes Fiverr question your gig.

Secondly, you’re saying in one of your gig description that it’s a monthly service.
Your gig promises “I Will Rank Your Business Top 3 Of Google Maps”. Although you cannot guarantee this and you’re saying that it takes several months to achieve it.
Did you know that your service cannot last longer than 30 days? This means if you can’t deliver what you promise in 30 days then customer has every right to give you 1 star rating and even report you.

One of your FAQ says:

Yet your gig says


How is this different? You offer top 3 position, but you can’t do it in 30 days. Which means you need to close the order before you deliver the results and this means customer will review your gig before seeing the final results.

So my recommendation is

  • don’t give out promises you can’t keep (you have not control over competition nor Google)
  • don’t offer monthly service as it’s against Fiverr TOS (


thanks for all the feedback. because i dont want this to happen again. can you recommend what I should say. I dont want to have to start all over again get reviews then, gets removed…
so how do all these seo fiverr guys get away with this?


@uxreview do u see these gigs they are all monthly services and there are hundreds like this why is my different then theres? can you tell me exactly what wording i should take out?


also the message i’m trying to convey on my gig is this…

I can rank you website top 3 in Google. not sure how long it will take but typically 2-3 months. with just 1 gig I can show an improvement in rankings in 30 days.


Most of your questions are good for people with experience in this and since I see someone chimed in, I will leave those to others. Someone else who has been through the process might be able to tell you words to avoid or services that don’t work. One thing I can comment on is your question about other people getting away with similar gigs and gigs that cross the 30 day barrier.

The rules on Fiverr have definitely changed over the years and some things are clear in the Terms of Service while others are gradually implemented via “editorial focus” which means the Fiverr editors just fix things as they see them. There are tens of thousands of gigs in SEO type categories alone and some are very old while others are pretty new. It takes time for Fiverr to sort through them, so ones that are reported tend to get examined earlier. Newer gigs are sometimes taken down faster than very old ones since the sellers tweak/edit their gigs and that draws attention to them.

The bottom line is that you can find lots of gigs that violate the ToS or the current editorial rules. Once you know that something could become a problem, just avoid it personally. If you focus on other gigs you’ll drive yourself nuts. You can report them if you think they violate the rules, but tbh, Fiverr is more likely to pay close attention when a report comes in from a buyer who is unhappy or a 3rd party site like Google.


As @fonthaunt said, there will always be gigs that violate TOS because Fiverr can’t catch them all, but it doesn’t mean you should follow their footsteps.

I can see you’ve changed it to “You Will See Ranking Improvements Within 29 days!” which is fine. At least with this wording you’re not violating TOS. Saying how long it takes and implying that customers should commit to a monthly service are 2 different things.

You can choose your own wording, just don’t give promises you can’t keep and follow TOS which is available on the site :wink:

Out of curiosity, what kind of report you’re providing as a proof? Where are you pulling the ranking data?


it pulls data from Google. the report shows where they rank for each keyoword. then when I rerun the report they will see improvement. they can then search that keyword on Google to see that the report is accurate.


so u think my gig is ok now or it’s still violating something?