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Fiverr removed my working gig with no explanation

Wanted to share my experience and maybe get some advice… I had one of my gigs (be a female model for your content) working fine for 3 months with 5* ratings. Today fiverr removed it by finding my gig irrelevant. I contacted CS asking them to be more precise about the reason of denying. There is an answer attached below.

"Rena (Fiverr Customer Support)
Feb 22, 3:56 PM EST
Hi Anastasia,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. After further review with our Editorial team, sadly your Gig is not in our Editorial focus at this time. We recommend continue trying to create new unique and creative Gigs expressing your talents. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards"

So seems like I have no chances to know which part of my gig suddenly made it irrelevant or “out of their Editorial focus” and apparently by recommending “continue trying to create new unique and creative Gigs expressing your talents” they meant that I have to try to guess what they actually count as relevant.

I’ll be really grateful to hear if some seller had a similar story with some sort of happy end.

Thanks for reading!


They got rid of some sign holding gigs and your gig said “I could hold a card/sheet with your message…” - so maybe that was it/part of the reason.


I had a chat with another Model, the same thing happened to her. A seller on Fiverr for (4) years!

So, for what it’s worth it’s not just you. Fiverr is getting rid of ‘Modeling Gigs’.

Here’s the link. :small_red_triangle_down:


@uk1000 @nikavoice thanks a lot for your answers! At least now it makes some sense.


Well, good thing is that it’s not my primary profession so… I’ll change those 2 gigs easily to get to 20 again. :slight_smile:

I just find it unprofessional and unfair the way it’s done and how they took away all those great reviews…

Thanks for ‘‘listening’’ and being supportive.


People make gigs and start hardworking then one day they come to know their shop is closed :frowning:



You’re welcome! Believe me, I feel really bad about some of these denied gigs that are completely ‘harmless’ to society.

You’re welcome! Sounds like you’re on the right track! Having a backup plan, I wish you all the best!

Like the old saying goes:

Here’s a hug :hugs: for you ladies.


I’m sorry this happened to you!

3 portrait/up to waist photos, background at my discretion, holding your message

It’s possible that the part about holding a message was what did it or maybe they don’t want any modeling gigs now.


Now fiverr removing many gigs which are giving same service my gig is also removed


Can anyone think of a reason fiverr may want to remove modeling gigs?
Maybe, and this is strictly a guess, they can’t control what is actually being delivered in the pictures? Perhaps they’ve had incidents where there was nudity.

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Or too many incidents with sellers receiving completely inappropriate messages.


I am sorry to hear that @anastylist But i do see so many female models GIGS here… so please do not give up! Good Luck!

I am sorry to say it is rules of Fiverr. sometimes I am also astonished to see the rules of Fiverr.But I like Fiverr because of this site.

that is really bad whats happens to you