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Fiverr removes my discussion & Sends warning?


So I buy a gig, the seller sends late and NOT AS DESCRIBED. I leave a thumbs down (no bad words or anything, simply “not as described”). The seller leaves me a thumbs down as well.

BUT he contacts Fiverr and says my thumbs down is unfair (keep in mind I NEVER even got a refund). Fiverr removes my thumbs down from the seller and sends me a warning because every time my thumbs down gets removed, I post it back up. The warning is because I keep leaving a thumbs down. So Fiverr is NOT being fair and are cheating.

This post will “AGAIN” be removed and I will get another warning, banned, screamed at, talked to like a little kid, seen as a lower class member (although I spend hundreds on here) and so on…



If the thumbs down was because you could not open it in windows, it has an apk extension on it and looking at the text that was cut off above it appears you are trying to open it in windows. you cannot do that and there is not much point to either as it will appear to be meaningless code. Depending on how you are trying to install it, or open it, you either need the Android SDK, or a scanner, as the seller said. Is this what the thumbs down as for, or something else?


I see your order was from Jan 2012. Almost 2 years ago! I appreciate that you’re able to leave feedback, but such a long period of time has passed is it really worth it ? etc.

With regards to your forum postings, they will be removed if they contain usernames or screenshots with usernames.


It’s not about the age of the issue here, Ozzie. It’s what Fiverr is doing with my thumbs down. They keep removing it but wont remove the sellers? I find that unacceptable, period.


From the buyer’s response, it sounds like you didn’t follow directions and asked for more than you paid for. Just a thought