Fiverr removes my own logo


Decided to change the colors of my logo, and the systems keeps brining back this message:

We had to remove your profile image because it appeared to not be an original image.
Please upload a new one. Learn more.

Lmao, how is my profile image not an original image when it’s made by me and is only used in my company. Insane.


Try to contact customer support.
There are some sellers here using fake profile pictures to appear more professional and even they use some programs/add-ons to appear that they are from the US or something. I think fiverr starts to check the profile pics because of this thing (other platforms started this few months ago).

So maybe when they saw your pics they assumed that it is a fake one!
I don’t know, just my thoughts :smiley:


It’s really funny how the system flagged me for having a “non-original content”.


It was finally uploaded. Took some time, lol.