Fiverr removing editing gigs?


Anyone hear of this … Thanks


What do you mean? Could you please give more information?


State your source.




Have friend with developmental editing gig, And her gig lists no gigs; she contacted fiverr, and they said:
" Fiverr is apparently slowly getting rid of some services (like all of my editing gigs :confused: ). So, I am not going to be able to stay on fiverr. This all happened very suddenly. I woke up a few mornings ago and fiverr had swiftly gotten rid of all my gigs at once. I contacted them to ask what was going on and he told me they are slowly removing editing gigs (not sure why)"


There is nothing wrong with Proofreading, Developmental/Line/Copy Editing gigs.

I’m not sure what you offered but there is nothing wrong with this type of gig.


I dont think so, as fiverr always suggest to custom gig sometimes to offer better price and better service to buyer


What kind of editing did you do? I see besides proofreading and editing there is video editing, photoshop editing, photo editing, and book editing.


This is like Beavis and Butthead saying “Errrr, hmmmm, this were other kids”.

Especially after


Your friend is you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why the whole, “my friend” subterfuge? Are you embarrassed that Fiverr take action against YOUR gigs? :wink:


You seem paranoid and insecure; your just wasting your time. I don’t have a gig, I just buy, I have a legitimate business, and don’t do what you do. Until she figures out what fiverr is doing, I posted


Fiverr messaging


I disagree. And you’re right, I do appear to be wasting my time with you. Your profile lists one skill: “editingproofreading”. That, coupled with your comments above, still leads me to believe that YOU are “your friend”.

You have no gigs listed… because, as you noted, they were removed by Fiverr.


Hmm. If they have a category for editing, then I don’t see why they would be closing it down suddenly if there’s demand for it :thinking: Seems like a stupid business move, unless they are replacing it with a new category that wouldn’t fit there now.


5r is not removing editing, I don’t have to ask, I know. There is nothing illegal or shady or against anyone’s rules to edit books, manuscripts, films, videos, etc.

Amazon wants authors to edit before publishing. YouTube doesn’t care if we edit videos before uploading, probably encouraged for better quality.

The OP profile page, and post on this forum, have incorrect grammar. Editors take pride in spelling, therefore, since the OP hasn’t given any other information, I’m guessing they were doing something against Tos. If I am wrong, then someone prove to me and I will remove this post.


My thoughts exactly. Maybe they were offering to proofread academic stuff?


Hi, just one morning her gig was not listed; she messaged and the response was as mentioned.

I am thinking she got some rouge employee … Thanks


Hi, While she got the response from fiverr, it still makes no sense. Since this has not happened to anyone else, it must be some oddity


Hi, yes it makes no sense; but the response “… and he told me they are slowly removing editing gigs (not sure why)” came from fiverr; its a mystery. I told to make up up a new gig, and see what happens … Thanks