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Fiverr Renevue Card

Hi everyone! So I?ve been using Fiverr for a while and always cashed out to my PayPal, but I just recently was looking into the Fiverr Renevue Card, wich I found out connects to a Payoneer card.
Can anyone explayn how that all works?


It was originally launched as an alternative for users who do not have PayPal available in their country. If you have PayPal, stick with it. Payoneer has higher fees and is less flexible than PayPal.If you are interested in an actual card to use, there are alternative options (such as withdrawing from Fiverr to Revolut)


thank you very much for you reply.


Hey! Can you tell me exactly how can I withdraw from fiverr to my revolut card? I can’t seem to get any info on this. Thank you!

I wish this was possible, however I don’t believe this is supported right now. Fiverr allows for bank withdrawals in the US ( but this is via Payoneer.

Previously, you could request that PayPal allow you to withdraw in a foreign currency different to that of your account (i.e. withdraw dollars direct to your revolut account with no currency exchange fees), however they have also stopped this as well.