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Fiverr Reply massage answer i know what mean by massage

What is the meaning of this message to me from fiverr that means it will suspend me in three days, my account will be blocked.

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It means that they will close the ticket if they don’t hear back from you in 3 days.

They have advised that you need to contact Payoneer Customer Support regarding this matter.


close the ticket means

Means the issue is resolved.

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Do not block my fiverr account

This has nothing to do with blocking your account. Just contact Payoneer Customer Support to sort out your bank transfer problem.

Fiverr have said that they can’t help you with this and you need to contact Payoneer Customer Support.


Thanks bro many many thanks
I had a lot of fear that there was no problem in my account
But after listening to you, it feels great now

Happy to help.

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Sorry and thank for you advised