Fiverr: Represent the Homeland


There is no Judaic symbolism anywhere.

LET ALONE the undoubtedly overwhelming network of…not fans of Israel. Hey, we might as well make a few bucks off 'em. Speaking of 'em, Fiverr is already a loosely-monitored network of professed adults from all around the world who will do things with me for a mere $5. What if I have $20, $40, or an oil refinery?

Leaving that mess alone completely…we need Israeli colors. Or at least a switchable theme to enhance the sense of belonging. Thanks. Keep this bumped, it’s actually more important than any business-oriented mind may come to realize.

If you know, it’s a big deal. If not, at least I used proper English. Win-win topic.


Whoa, I’m not smart. Anyone else JUST now seeing all the blue and white?

I guess most of this rant has shifted towards the lack of switchable themes. Is it just me or are things looking too much like Twitter on an out-of-date browser? Relax, I know developers, posts like that motivate them.


I think that Fiverr sticks to its colour scheme in order to keep things vague and non-offensive to everyone. They do not have to express Judaism, because this website is indifferent to religion and doesn’t base itself around any particular faith. This is a buy-sell website, not a website intending to promote various religions. Fiverr is centred in the US, and, while the USA does have a track-record of supporting Israel, other countries don’t. If they were outwardly pro-Israel or pro-Jewish, they’d lose a lot of their market and would close themselves off from potential clients. It’s a sorry fact, but that’s just how it goes. This colour scheme is neutral and therefore won’t offend people, and that’s what Fiverr aims for.

Yes, there’s no Judaic symbolism, but there’s also no Christian symbolism or Communist symbolism or pagan symbolism or other idealogical/religious symbols, and that’s the best course of action for this website to take. Particularly if the website itself is not pro-Israel or pro-Palestine; it’d just be false advertising and it would be a foolish move to start spouting about the middle east. Fiverr remains neutral and that is good. It would be an incredibly bad move for Fiverr to start taking sides.

Unfortunately, we can’t have our way with everything, and this is just something you’re going to have to overcome.

(p.s. can’t tell if ‘aboredrichguy’ means that you’re writing this to see people’s responses and you’re not actually serious, but you’ve definitely seen mine.)


Reply to @boslass: Unintentional satire. Thought it would be safer to use online then my full name, for example.

I am serious about these points:

  • Fiverr corporate headquarters is located in Israel, regardless of beliefs/nationalities, it’s their homeland/base of operations. Gotta rep that.
  • There is much potential for unacceptable abuse using the current Fiverr system. (just ask any seller)
  • I would genuinely like to see switchable forum/site themes.

    Thank you for your reply, it is full of both truth and wisdom. That give anyone any ideas?

Fiverr remains neutral and that is good. It would be an incredibly bad move for Fiverr to start taking sides. -

I would like to add, to the quote listed. Getting into religion and patriotism is only going to harm the reputation as internet is much friendly if it remains neutral and not tied to any countries bias or spouting religious or homeland superiority.


Religion doesn’t have to do anything with fiverr, so let’s keep it out of it.

mcromano said: Religion doesn't have to do anything with fiverr, so let's keep it out of it.